Learn how to visit Banff on a budget and explore the breathtaking scenery this destination has to offer.  Tap to view our essential tips for a budget-friendly tirp to Banff. 

The easiest way to find a place to stay in Banff on a budget is to find a Banff hotel outside of downtown or visiting during the low season. 

Find a Clean, Cheap Hotel in Banff

Stay at a Banff Airbnb or VRBO

Vacation rentals are an excellent accommodation option for people visiting Banff on a budget. In addition, Banff Airbnb rentals have many extra amenities which are attractive for travelers to Banff on a budget.

Buying groceries and cooking many of your own meals will significantly reduce the cost of your Banff vacation. 

Save Money by Self-Catering in Banff

Visit Banff without a Car

If you have the flexibility to come to Banff without a car, you’d be helping the environment and helping solve the vehicle congestion problem. 

Another excellent strategy for those looking to visit Banff on a budget is to join an organized group tour with an adventure travel company such as G Adventures. These tours are so cost-effective!

Visit Banff on a Group Tour

Enjoy the Many Free Things to do in Banff

While the top attractions in Banff are expensive, there so many free things to do in Banff that don't cost anything!

Speaking of the best free things to do in Banff, did you know you can skip taking the expensive Banff Gondola and hike up Sulphur Mountain instead?  It's a great experience, and it's FREE!

Skip the Banff Gondola

Rent Gear instead of Buying

Renting gear for sports and activities, such as downhill skis, snowshoes, stand-up paddleboards, can help you save money while visiting Banff. 

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