Visiting Banff in December

Banff Weather in December

The average daily high temperature in Banff in December is -5C (23F), while the average daily low is -14C (7F). These are mild winter temperatures that visitors can easily dress for (using layers). 

There are plenty of things to do in Banff in December, from visiting stunning lakes to indulging in fun and thrilling winter activities. 



You can enjoy a wide variety of downhill skiing in Banff in December. All of the “Big 3” Banff ski resorts should have tons of snow for alpine skiers to enjoy. 

You’ll feel like you are in a fairy-tale as you glide silently across the snow soaking in the scenery of this real-life snow globe. 

horse-drawn sleigh ride

lake louise snowshoe trail

This 2km snowshoe trail to a lookout where you can look back over the frozen surface of Lake Louise at towards the Chateau. 

Cross-country skiing is a very popular winter activity around Banff in December, as there should be enough snow on the ground at the most popular cross-country ski areas. 

cross-country skiing

wild ice skating

Early each winter, visitors to Banff have an opportunity to ice skate on a crystal clear lake before it is covered with snow for the duration of winter. Often, the opportunity to go wild ice skating only lasts a few days or weeks, so you need to act quick when the window is open. 

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