Work With Us

Hello, we are Celine and Dan Brewer and we are the proud owners of Inspiring Travels Publishing Inc. We left lucrative full-time careers to follow our passion for travel. We are proud to live in the Bow Valley and are excited to promote the majesty of our beautiful backyard to travelers around the world.

We began blogging in 2014 with Baby Can Travel and followed with Family Can Travel in 2016. Travel Banff Canada took its first steps in September 2019 and we are eager to watch her grow.

Our Travel Niche

Given we were drawn to live in Canmore, it’s no surprise that our passion is for outdoor recreation. We seek all-season outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, stand-up paddleboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and more.

While we are eager to share our favorite outdoor activities with our readers, Travel Banff Canada will promote all elements of traveling to Banff and area.   

Our Company Values

Earning the trust of our readers and partners is of utmost important to us. We abide by all rules and guidelines which govern our industry, including but not limited to the FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising and Google Quality Guidelines.

Per FTC guidelines we fully disclose all commercial relationships to our readers and give our honest opinions about our experiences with the products, places and services we promote.

What We Can Do for You

We are creative, goal-oriented people who love to exceed our customer’s expectations. The following are our standard offerings, but we’re open to your great ideas too; we’d love to help make them work!

Attraction Promotion

Banff and area are home to many excellent attractions. We love experiencing the best attractions in our backyard so we can share all the details with our readers. Do you have an attraction you’d like us to review?

Tour Promotion

We love sharing amazing experiences with our readers.  If you’d like us to experience your tour and write about it on our webpage, we’d love to talk. We are open to all experiences, ranging from half-day to multi-day trips.

Hotel Review

We will have a series of hotel recommendation pages on our website with a variety of target audiences. To supplement these pages, we will create dedicated pages for hotels we have personal experience with. We live in Canmore, so we have a ton of flexibility on dates, so if you’d like us to try your hotel we can easily stay for a night where you have slack capacity.

Restaurant Review

Similar to hotel reviews, we will have a series of restaurant recommendation pages on our website. If you’d like a dedicated page with a review of your restaurant, we’d be happy to try you out on a slow night.

Sponsored Post

Would you like us to write a blog post on a topic related to your business? We can get really creative here as the sky is the limit on what we can write about, but the topic must be relevant to our audience.

Website Advertising

From in-page advertising to sponsored posts, we have solutions for all your advertising needs. Pitch us your idea or ask us to come up with a solution which meets your needs.

Examples of our Work

We welcome you to get a feel for the quality of our work by looking at the list of examples on our other websites:



“WavHello has the pleasure of doing both a social media giveaway and sponsored Instagram post with Baby Can Travel in fall of 2017. Celine was so easy to work with; she was organized, efficient, and so kind. We also saw a positive kick-back on our social channels, with a much higher engagement on her social posts (both on her channel and re-shared on our own channel) than we see on average on our own channels. It is very evident that Baby Can Travel is revered as a reliable source for expertise in the travel space.” – Laura Gilinsky

“Dan & Celine were an absolute pleasure to work with. We were able to brainstorm the best way to provide an honest endorsement for our product with maximum reach – and they really know their audience! Happy to have their partnership with!” – Rhiannon Legere

Let’s Talk

We know that you’ll need more information before proceeding. If you are interested in working with us, please email us your ideas and we’ll reply with our Media Kit and Pricing Sheet right away.

Our email address is info[at]travelbanffcanada[dot]com

We look forward to hearing from you!