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40 Amazing Things to do in Banff in Winter

If you’ve never experienced Banff during winter, you might be wondering if Banff is worth visiting in winter. Our answer is unequivocally yes! You won’t have to look far for winter activities in Banff, which transforms into a winter wonderland in the months of December through March. If you are lucky enough to visit Banff in winter, be prepared to spend most of your time reliving the childhood joys of playing in snow.

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Banff Fat Biking Trails

Over 30 BEST Things to Do in Banff for Non-Skiers

Banff National Park is a winter paradise renowned for its pristine ski slopes and powdery snow. But what if you’re someone who doesn’t ski or snowboard? There’s no need to avoid visiting Banff in the winter. There are an incredible number of Banff winter activities for non-skiers.

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best winter hikes in banff

18 Easy Winter Hikes in Banff and Area

If you are visiting Banff in winter or anytime between October and April, it’s very likely you’ll be seeing snow. Here in the Canadian Rockies, the snow typically starts to fly well before the official start of winter and that’s when all the Banff winter activities will start.

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