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Best Things To Do Around Banff National Park

9 Great Larch Hikes in Alberta

For a few special weeks every fall, Alberta hikers go crazy with larch tree fever. Parking lots for the best larch hikes in Alberta fill before dawn and social media feeds fill up with images of these beautiful trees and their brilliant golden needles.

Rummel Lake Hike in Kananaskis

The Rummel Lake hike one of our favourite year-round Kananaskis hikes. For a moderate amount of effort, you get to enjoy a beautiful walk through a mountain forest, an open meadow with incredible vistas of the Spray Lakes Valley and a beautiful mountain lake in an intimate setting, with enormous Rocky Mountains looming overhead.

Pocaterra Ridge Trail in Kananaskis

The South Pocaterra Ridge trail is one of the most rewarding and scenic hikes in Kananaskis Country. This popular Kananaskis hike offers hikers a wide variety of Kananaskis scenery, ranging from a walk through a mountain cirque, to rushing streams to a spectacular ridge hike with jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain views.