Johnston Canyon Hike in Banff National Park

I’ve been enjoying the Johnston Canyon hike in Banff for over 40 years now and I gotta say, I never get tired of it. Sure, people say it’s too touristy, but it’s so popular for a reason…  it’s short, easy, beautiful and fun.

Road access to Johnston Canyon is currently closed. See below for information on how to bike from Castle Mountain to Johnston Canyon during the 2020 closure of the Bow Valley Parkway.

Expert Tips to Spot Banff Wildlife

Banff National Park is famous for its diverse and accessible wildlife. Millions of tourists visit Banff each year with hopes of catching a glimpse of a grizzly bear or the beautiful antlers of a bull elk. For many, the Banff wildlife species are foreign; animals that have only been seen on Instagram or enclosed in a zoo. 

How to Get to Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s most visited national park, but it may surprise you to know there is no Banff airport. But don’t worry, getting to Banff is easy with a wide variety of ways to get to Banff to suit every style and budget.

Getting Around Banff Without a Car

With 6,641 square kilometers of breathtaking mountain scenery, Banff National Park is huge. Given the sheer size of Banff National Park, you may be wondering if you can visit Banff without a car…

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