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Rocks line the shoreline at Lake Louise, Canada

How to Get to Lake Louise, Canada in 2024

There are few places in Canada more beautiful than Lake Louise. A stunning glacier-fed, turquoise lake, surrounded by towering Rocky Mountains and glaciers, you will never forget the beauty of this iconic Banff lake. It’s remote location within Banff National Park makes it a little challenging to get to, so you may be wondering how to get to Lake Louise. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect way to get to Lake Louise below.

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Lake Louise Gondola in early October with larch trees.

Visiting Banff in October: What You NEED To Know

Banff in October is what I would call a transition month. The month typically starts out with some pleasant fall weather then October in Banff can change quickly to what feels a lot more like winter. Don’t let this deter you from visiting Banff in October, it’s more to prepare you for anything so you have the best visit to Banff National Park!

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The vibrant turquoise water of Lake Louise is incredible from the viewing platform on the Fairview Lookout hike.

A 2-Day Lake Louise Itinerary

While we believe that there’s so much more to do around Lake Louise that could easily fill much more than a 2-day Lake Louise itinerary, we also recognize that not everyone has unlimited time.

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Moraine Lake in Banff seen from Rockpile hike

Moraine Lake Parking (2024 Changes You NEED to Know)

Moraine Lake is one of the best lakes to visit in Banff National Park. To say that Moraine Lake has some incredible scenery is an understatement. It’s no wonder that most visitors to Banff National Park have Moraine Lake on their list of places to visit in Banff.

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A beautiful mountain road in Banff National Park

How to Get to Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest and most visited national park, but it may surprise you to know there is no airport in Banff. But don’t worry, the closest airport to Banff is just 1 hour away in Calgary, Alberta (a city of 1.3 million people). It’s easy to get from Calgary to Banff with a wide variety of ways to suit every style and budget.

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A road leads to Banff National Park

Getting Around Banff Without a Car

With 6,641 square kilometers of breathtaking mountain scenery, Banff National Park is huge. Given the sheer size of Banff National Park, you may be wondering if you can visit Banff without a car… We are here to answer all your questions about getting around Banff without a car.

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