The Brewer kids, from the Travel Banff Canada team, stand next to the very colorful Paint Pots in Kootenay National Park in BC, Canada.

Paint Pots – Kootenay National Park

The Paint Pots are one of the top attractions in Kootenay National Park, located not far from the western border of Banff National Park. Visitors to the Paint Pots will enjoy a beautiful short & easy hike along a gorgeous ochre creek to a series of brightly coloured natural pools called the paint pots.

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Tokumm Creek flows into Marble Canyon in Kootenay National Park, Canada.

Marble Canyon – Kootenay National Park, Canada

Marble Canyon is an excellent short hike in Kootenay National Park, just minutes away from Banff National Park. A shallow tropical sea over 500,000,000 years ago, today Marble Canyon is a deep, dramatic slot canyon. Visitors to Marble Canyon can experience the magnificence of this natural wonder via a network of short, interpretive walking trails.

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10 Amazing Hikes in the Banff Townsite – No Car Required!

Banff National Park is a huge outdoor playground in the Canadian Rockies. It’s a hikers paradise with outstanding hikes for all skill levels scattered in every corner of the park. But, you may be surprised to know that there are many excellent hikes you can do right from the Town of Banff. Yes, that’s right – you can enjoy these 10 hikes right from the Banff Townsite!

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An old Rockbound Lake trail sign is nailed to a tree in Banff National Park.

Rockbound Lake Hike

Castle Mountain is one of my favourite mountains in Banff National Park. It’s just so stately and majestic, my eyes are drawn to it any time I’m near. The Rockbound Lake hike is an excellent Banff hiking trail which takes you to two alpine lakes on the far side of Castle Mountain. The Rockbound Lake trail is enjoyable all hiking season long, but comes alive in September when the larch trees turn golden.

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sitting at Taylor Lake with larches on the shore - best Banff Larch Hikes

Taylor Lake Hike in Banff National Park

The Taylor Lake hike in Banff National Park is an enjoyable hike up the lower slopes of Mount Bell to a beautiful mountain lake. The forest along the Taylor Lake trail is quite lush, in large part due to the creek the trail follows for most of its length.

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View on Ptarmigan Cirque - best larches hikes Kananaskis

Ptarmigan Cirque Hike in Kananaskis

The Ptarmigan Cirque hike is a very popular Kananaskis trail near the Highwood Pass (the highest paved pass in Canada). This fun, kid-friendly Kananaskis hike offers hikers a wide variety of excellent mountain scenery over a relatively short distance.

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