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Moraine Lake Shuttle – What You Should Know for 2022

If you are inquiring about the Moraine Lake Shuttle, then you probably already know that it can be difficult to get Moraine Lake parking, especially during peak season.

Moraine Lake is one of the most visited lakes in Banff National Park, and for good reason – it’s stunning! If you’ve ever seen a picture of a stunning blue lake in Banff, chances are that it was Moraine Lake!

Due to it’s popularity and a small parking lot, saying parking at Moraine Lake is difficult to come by is an understatement. The parking lot fills up before sunrise and doesn’t empty until after sunset. Sure, people do luck out by getting a parking space in the middle of the day but who wants to waste all that time circling around hoping to hit it just right.

If you want to know more about Moraine Lake in Banff, don’t miss our guide to visiting Moraine Lake (coming soon).

One thing we know for sure is that you don’t want to miss visiting Moraine Lake. Unless you are staying at the Moraine Lake Lodge, then the best way to guarantee you see Moraine Lake is to get a ticket for the Moraine Lake shuttle.

Moraine Lake in early morning on the way to Sentinel Pass Larch Valley

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Moraine Lake Shuttles

Even as locals, we have difficulty visiting Moraine Lake. We don’t have the luxury of going before sunrise (unless we want to wake our kids at 4 am – and that’s NOT FUN for anyone!). So we make sure we book reservations for the shuttles to Moraine Lake throughout the season.

As a visitor to the area, we highly recommend booking a shuttle to Moraine Lake instead of hoping that you’ll get lucky with parking. We think this is one of the best ways to get to Moraine Lake.

If you’ve missed advanced booking, more tickets are released for each departure day. Read below for the details!

Get to moraine lake shuttle

Parks Canada Moraine Lake Shuttle

Parks Canada operates direct shuttles to Moraine Lake from the Lake Louise Park and Ride. This allows visitors to park their vehicle in the designated lot and get on a bus that will take them straight to the famous lakes (depending on the shuttle ticket purchased).

how to get from Banff to Moraine Lake - Shuttle

It takes around 25 minutes to get to Moraine Lake from the Park and Ride, as there are no other stops along the way.

The Parks Canada shuttle operates from mid-May to mid-October for Lake Louise and June 1 to mid-October (October 10 for 2022) for Moraine Lake. Similarly, the Lake Connector shuttle only operates from June 1 to mid-October (again October 10 is the last day for 2022).

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Purchasing Moraine Lake Shuttle Tickets

This Parks Canada shuttle service requires advance reservation for tickets. You can not walk up and purchase shuttle tickets at the Park and Ride.

Moraine Lake shuttle reservations can be made starting on May 4, 2022 at 8 am MDT for the 2022 season. The shuttles to Moraine Lake will begin June 1 until mid-October (October 10 in 2022). You can select a one hour time block for when you want to take the shuttle to Moraine Lake.

You can book a Parks Canada shuttle for either Lake Louise or Moraine Lake. Included in your reservation is a Lake Connector shuttle, allowing visitors to easily visit both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake in one day.

If you don’t book your shuttle tickets in advance, a portion of the shuttle reservations are released 48 hours prior to the departure day (for each day in the season). These additional shuttle tickets are released at 8am.

While it’s important to plan ahead, purchasing shuttle tickets can be done up until 30 minutes before a departure window, but only if space is available. Make sure to do this where you have a good signal (i.e. your hotel or apartment). You likely won’t have cell service good enough to book a shuttle reservation from the Park and Ride.

Tip: Always take a screenshot or print off of your reservation. The cell service varies from not-great to non-existent in this area!

Visit the Parks Canada reservation system to book your shuttle ticket.

Banff and Lake Louise Tourism has a full description on booking tickets with screenshots to help you book.

Moraine Lake Shuttle Cost

Booking Moraine Lake shuttle tickets will cost $8 for adults, $4 for seniors, $2 for youth and under 6 years old is free. This is the total cost of the return trip and includes the Lake Connector shuttle between Moraine Lake and Lake Louise.

You’ll also have to pay a $3 transaction fee per Moraine Lake shuttle reservation (not per ticket but for the entire reservation). Your national park entrance fee is NOT included with your shuttle ticket. See more on getting your Banff Park Pass here.

Book Online Here

Moraine Lake Shuttle Times

Moraine Lake shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 8:10 am to 4:50 pm. The last return bus on the Moraine Lake shuttle schedule is at 7:30 pm. (These times are approximate, as Parks Canada hasn’t published the official schedule for 2022 yet.)

You arrive at the Park and Ride during your one hour window on your shuttle reservation.

Moraine Lake Shuttle at Park and Ride

In 2022, Parks Canada will operate an Early Bird Shuttle to Moraine Lake. The early bird shuttle runs every 30 minutes from 6:30 am to 8 am. In 2022, this early bird service will start on June 24, 2022. Parks Canada has cancelled the early bird shuttles in 2022 because of lack of staff to operate the shuttles.

Tip: If the Moraine Lake shuttles aren’t available for the day you want to visit, you can make a reservation for the Lake Louise shuttle then take the Lake Connector shuttle to Moraine Lake.

The Lake Connector shuttle frequency is every 15 minutes. From Lake Louise to Moraine Lake it starts at 9 am and from Moraine Lake to Lake Louise it starts at 9:10 am. The last Lake Connector shuttle runs at 6 pm, regardless of the direction. The Lake Connector shuttle between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake is on a first come first serve basis and is part of your shuttle reservation.

Note: You can not take the Lake Connector shuttle without first checking-in and taking the shuttle at the Lake Louise Ski Resort Park and Ride.

Lake Louise Park and Ride

CHANGE FOR 2022 – New in 2022 is a change to the Park and Ride location for Parks Canada shuttle service to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise (as part of a two year pilot project).

In the past, the Lake Louise / Moraine Lake park and ride location was in a parking lot off the Trans-Canada Highway just 6 km east of the village of Lake Louise. It was easy to spot given the signs and lowered speed limit.

In 2022, the NEW Park and Ride location for Parks Canada shuttles to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise will be the Lake Louise Ski Resort located off Whitehorn Rd under 5 km away from the Lake Louise village. This will make it safer for visitors, as the buses don’t need to pull out into traffic on the TransCanada highway and it will increase the parking spots from 800 to 2000.

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Gondola - Best Lake Louise Attractions
Lake Louise Park and Ride Connector

If you are staying in the village of Lake Louise and already have parking, you can take the FREE Park and Ride Connector shuttle. This shuttle will take you to the Park and Ride where you can get on your shuttle to Moraine Lake.

The Village Connector operates from May 20 to October 10 in 2022 and no reservation is required.

Moraine Lake Shuttle from Lake Louise

If you’ve booked a Lake Louise shuttle, you can use the Lake Connector shuttle to get from Lake Louise to Moraine Lake. The Lake Connector shuttle is part of your shuttle reservation and you can not use it unless you’ve booked a shuttle ticket to Lake Louise or Moraine Lake, and checked in at the Park and Ride.

One exception to the taking the Lake Connector, is that Roam Super Pass holders that take the Roam Bus to Lake Louise Lakeshore also get access to the Lake Connector shuttle between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

Parks Canada shuttle to Moraine Lake or Lake Louise

** It’s important to note that the Moraine Lake shuttle does not stop at the Paradise Valley trailhead. If you want to park at the Paradise Valley parking lot, you will need to wait until a space becomes available. Parking at the Paradise Valley trailhead is even more limited, though less sought after.

Private Moraine Lake Shuttle

Mountain Park Transportation offers a shuttle from Lake Louise Village up to Moraine Lake. The cost of this return trip is $25 per person. You can see their schedule here.

This service doesn’t operate until after May 31st when the Moraine Lake Road opens. If you prefer to book a private vehicle, you need to contact them directly.

Bus from Banff to Moraine Lake

In the fall of 2021, to help with the congestion of visitors trying to get to Moraine Lake to hike Larch Valley, Roam Transit operated a bus route to Moraine Lake from Banff. For 2022, the Parks Canada Website has this route operating daily September 19th to October 10th.

Larch Valley Sentinel Pass Hike in Banff

Larch Valley is one of the best larch hikes in Banff, but it will be crowded. In fact, you can expect crowds at all the best larch hikes from the third week of September and into October.

The distance from Moraine Lake from Banff is approximately 72 km. The bus from Banff to Moraine Lake (Route 10) operated from September 20 to October 11 (peak larch season), with 7 departures per day, 7 days a week.

The first bus departed Banff at 6:30 am from the Banff High School Transit Hub and the last bus left Moraine Lake at 5:30 pm.

Reservations can be made for the Roam bus from Banff to Moraine Lake.

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Other Options to see Moraine Lake

It’s quite easy to get to Banff National Park without a car, and once you are there, it’s easy to get around Banff without a car. With regards to Moraine Lake, another alternative is to book a tour like this one through Discover Banff Tours.

HopOnBanff includes a stop at Moraine Lake in their “Enjoy the Lakes”, “Later Start” and “The Full Schedule” options here.

WowBanff also offers a Moraine Lake shuttle from the Lake Louise Ski Resort Park and Ride.

Though the beauty of booking a reservation for the shuttle to Moraine Lake is that once you are at Moraine Lake, you can stay as long as you want. It gives you ample time to complete one of the incredible Moraine Lake hikes!

View of Ten Peaks and Minnestimma Lakes from Sentinel Pass Trail in Banff

Where to Stay at Moraine Lake

The only accommodation option at Moraine Lake is the Moraine Lake Lodge. The best thing about staying here is that you have zero parking hassles! Moraine Lake is right out your front door!

This aerial shot displays the magnificent setting of the Moraine Lake Lodge, showing why it is one of the top accomodations in Lake Louise

If you want to stay closer but Moraine Lake Lodge isn’t an option, here are the best Lake Louise hotels that we recommend.

Moraine Lake Shuttle FAQs

Do you have to take a shuttle to Moraine Lake?

No, you do not have to take a shuttle to Moraine Lake. Taking a shuttle ensures you can visit Moraine Lake without the stress of finding parking or having to get to Moraine Lake before 5:30 am (or earlier). Moraine Lake parking is very limited and unless you arrive before sunrise, you may not be able to park at the lake.

How much is the shuttle to Moraine Lake?

The Parks Canada Moraine Lake Shuttle is $8 for adults, $4 for seniors, $2 for youth and under 6 years old is free for a return trip. A private shuttle to Moraine Lake will cost closer to $25 per person for a return trip.

Where can I get a shuttle to Moraine Lake?

Visit Parks Canada shuttle reservations to book your shuttle to Moraine Lake. Once you have made a shuttle reservation for Moraine Lake, you can get on the shuttle at the Lake Louise park and ride at the Lake Louise Ski Resort (for 2022).

How do you get to Moraine Lake without a car?

If you are visiting Banff without a car, you can get to Moraine Lake by taking a bus from Banff or by having a Moraine Lake shuttle ticket.

How do I get to Moraine Lake?

There are several ways to get to Moraine Lake which include driving a public vehicle, joining a tour, reserving a ticket for a Parks Canada shuttle or booking a private shuttle to Moraine Lake.

What is the best time to go to Moraine Lake?

The best time to visit Moraine Lake is anytime between June 1 when the road opens back up and before it closes (typically after Canadian Thanksgiving – Oct 10 in 2022). The third week in September is an incredible time to visit Moraine Lake, as it’s peak season for the golden larch trees which can be see along the Larch Valley hike that leaves from the shores of Moraine Lake.

What time does Moraine Lake parking lot fill up?

In summer months and peak larch hiking season, the Moraine Lake parking lot will fill up before sunrise (typically before 5:30 am or even before 3am in 2022).

Is Moraine Lake open now?

Moraine Lake opens sometime between the third week of May and early June, depending on the conditions in the given year.

Why is Moraine Lake closed?

The road to Moraine Lake is closed each year after Canadian Thanksgiving (2nd Monday in October) until late-May or early June. Moraine Lake road closes because of heavy snowfall and dangerous avalanche terrain in the winter.

How long do you need at lake Moraine?

Many people visit Moraine Lake to climb the Rock Pile or do a short walk along the Moraine Lake lakeshore trail. It’s possible to stay much longer and enjoy one of the many spectacular hikes around Moraine Lake.

Can you bring your own canoe to Moraine Lake?

Yes, you can bring your own canoe to Moraine Lake. A self-certification permit is required and your watercraft must meet the conditions on the permit. Follow all Banff National Park requirements for entering a Banff Lake. Get more information here or get the self-certification permit online here.

Is Moraine Lake Open 2022?

The Moraine Lake road will open in 2022 by June 1. It may open earlier depending on conditions.

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