Our 5 Favorite Canmore Takeout Restaurants

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From fine dining to food trucks, there are so many excellent places to eat in Canmore. While it’s always an enjoyable experience to dine-in at some of Canmore’s best restaurants, sometimes we just want great takeout food.

To help you find a great takeout meal, here are some of our favorite Canmore takeout restaurants:

What You’ll Find in This Article on Best Canmore Takeout Food:

Our 5 Favorite Places for Takeout in Canmore

1. JK Bakery

Oh man, I just love a good sandwich – like a really good sandwich. The JK Bakery in downtown Canmore makes such good sandwiches, that they rank as our favorite takeout restaurant in Canmore.

Established in 1994, the JK Bakery has been a fixture in Canmore for nearly three decades. With a tempting selection of freshly made bread, savories (sausage rolls, lasagna, meat pies, chili, etc.), pastries, cookies, cakes and sandwiches, you’ll have a tough time deciding what to order.

The menu at the downtown location of JK Bakery - one of Canmore's best takeout restaurants.
JK Bakery – downtown Canmore.

Our kids like the sausage rolls at JK Bakery, but Celine and I always come back for their sandwiches. Made on freshly baked, preservative-free bread, with generous portions of toppings, I alway say that the sandwiches at JK Bakery taste like Grandma would.

We like to stop at JK Bakery to grab some takeout sandwiches and cookies before heading out on one of our favorite hikes. It’s so much better than packing a boring old PBJ sandwich and an apple for a hiking lunch!

a chicken curry sandwich from JK Bakery - shown in front of Two Jack Lake in Banff.
A chicken curry sandwich from JK Bakery – about to be eaten at Two Jack Lake in Banff.

JK Bakery has two locations in Canmore – one in downtown Canmore and the other on Railway Avenue. Both locations have seating for dine-in, but the menu at JK Bakery is ideal for those days when you just want takeout in Canmore.

A takeout lunch from JK Bakery in Canmore, Alberta.
JK Bakery takeout sandwiches are perfect for a picnic in Banff.

2. Alberta Wing Shack (Canmore)

We discovered the Alberta Wing Shack has some of the best takeout in Canmore on Super Bowl Sunday. We were nervous about trying a new Canmore takeout restaurant for the big game, but Alberta Wing Shack did not disappoint. Their tasty & unique chicken wings were so good, it immediately landed the Alberta Wing Shack on our list of best takeout in Canmore.

The menu for the Alberta Wing Shack can be found on their website – it’s easy to see how creative their chicken wing recipes are. We ordered many of their unique flavors of chicken wings that day, but our favorites were the Town of Banff wings (Butter Chicken with Pineapple sauce), the Town of Exshaw wings (spicy peanut sauce) and their Honey Garlic wings.

If you are in the mood for some excellent comfort food, try the Alberta Wing Shack; it’s easily one of our favorite Canmore takeout restaurants. (They have a Banff location too!)

Please forgive the lack of pictures for this Canmore takeout restaurant – it was Super Bowl Sunday after all!

3. Summit Café

We first visited the Summit Café when we were first looking to buy a place in Canmore. We asked our Realtor for a restaurant recommendation and he recommended a local’s favorite called the Summit Café. It’s been one of our favorite Canmore restaurants ever since.

The Summit Cafe is one of Canmore's best restaurants for take out and dine in.
Having a sandwich from Summit Cafe for a picnic near the Three Sisters.

Open daily for breakfast and lunch, the Summit Café is a residential Canmore restaurant, well away from Canmore’s busy downtown. We especially love the breakfast menu at the Summit Cafe, but their baked goods and lunch offerings are especially good as well.

Their standard breakfast and lunch offerings are available for take-out, but the Summit Café also offers boxed lunches for those heading out for one of the great hikes in Kananaskis.

The Summit Cafe is one of our favorite canmore restaurants for take out food
Canmore takeout food just tastes better outdoors!

If you are staying in downtown Canmore, you can walk to the Summit Cafe along Benchlands Trail, one of Canmore’s best walking paths or take the free Roam bus (route 5C). Then you can find out why the Summit Café has been a local’s favorite for Canmore take out since 1999!

4. Canmore Shawarma

Canmore Shawarma is one of the best Canmore takeout restaurants.
Eating my chicken shawarma in front of Elevation Place.

When I lived in Calgary, I regularly ate my body weight in chicken shawarma wraps. Jimmy’s has the best chicken shawarma in Calgary of course, but I also loved my regular visits to Falafel King and Cedars Deli.

Moving from Calgary to Canmore was one of the best things I’ve ever done, but I was saddened when I discovered that there was no chicken shawarma restaurant in Canmore. Thankfully, this changed a few years back when Canmore Shawarma opened its doors on Bow Valley Trail.

In addition to delicious Chicken Shawarma, Canmore Shawarma offers beef donair and falafel. All offerings are available as a wrap or as a platter.

If you have a sweet tooth, pick up a 6-pack of baklava. The sweet baklava from Canmore Shawarma is the perfect companion to the savory chicken shawarma.

If you are craving chicken shawarma, give Canmore Shawarma a try – it’s one of my favorite Canmore takeout restaurants.

5. Mii Sushi

We’ve tried several Canmore sushi restaurants, but we always come back to Mii Sushi. Whether we eat in or order takeout, we feel that Mii Sushi has the best sushi in Canmore.

Best Sushi Canmore Takeout from Mii Sushi.
A Mii sushi takeout feast at our place.

Everyone’s tastes are different, of course, but our favorites at this excellent Canmore sushi restaurant are the tuna sashimi, salmon sushi, the Mii house special roll, the mango salmon roll and the Flames roll. Our kids literally devour orders of yam tempura rolls and the avocado salmon rolls.

If you are looking for great takeout sushi in Canmore, we recommend Mii Sushi. Or, if you are in the mood for more international food, try the best ethnic restaurants in Banff.

You Can Trust our Canmore Takeout Restaurant Reviews

We support local business and do not accept free food in exchange for reviews. Our recommendations for the best Canmore takeout restaurants are places where we love to eat and are based on meals we paid for.

You may notice on other Canmore blogs, the pictures are “photos via Instagram”, or say, “Photo Credit by…”. All this means is that the authors of the post have likely never been to the restaurant. You can trust our Canmore restaurant reviews as we have personally dined at each establishment and have enjoyed it enough to recommend to you, our valuable readers.

Please come back often as we add more of our favorite Canmore takeout restaurants to this list!

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From fine dining to food trucks, there are so many excellent places to eat in Canmore. While it's always an enjoyable experience to dine-in at some of Canmore's best restaurants, sometimes we just want great takeout food. Here are our top choices for Canmore takeout food.
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