The 9 Best Canmore Lunch Restaurants

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As locals, we try to get out and discover the best restaurants in Canmore as often as we can. One of our favorite meals of the day to eat out is lunch, which is great because there are a ton of excellent Canmore lunch restaurants.

In this post, we don’t give you an exhaustive list of 30+ lunch restaurants in Canmore – that’s just not helpful. Instead, we share with you our personal favorites – restaurants where we personally go for lunch or take family and friends when they come to town.

We do not accept free meals in exchange for a review. We support local businesses and pay in full for our meals. This way you can fully trust our recommended list of our favorite restaurants for lunch in Canmore.

The French inspired cuisine at Market Bistro makes it one of Canmore
s best lunch restaurants.
Market Bistro

Within this list of our favorite Canmore lunch restaurants, you’ll find options for every taste and budget. We hope that you love these Canmore restaurants as much as we do!

Our 9 Favorite Canmore Lunch Restaurants

1. Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Ever since we moved to Canmore, Rocky Mountain Flatbread has been one of our favourite restaurants in Canmore. Located on 10th street (one block off Main Street), Rocky Mountain Flatbread is not only one of our favourite Canmore lunch restaurants, but also the best pizza restaurant in Canmore.

a delicious personal pizza from Rocky Mountain Flatbread in Canmore, Alberta.

We love the ambience of Rocky Mountain Flatbread, with the large wood fired pizza oven in the corner. Enjoy excellent views of Ha Ling Peak and the surrounding Rocky Mountains through several garage doors with plenty of windows.

While the ambience is nice, the food is the real reason we love to come to Rocky Mountain Flatbread. With a focus on local and organic produce, the wood fired pizza is always exceptional. The menu at Rocky Mountain Flatbread goes well beyond Hawaiian and pepperoni pizzas, with plenty of truly creative and delicious flatbreads to choose from.

The Classic is our favourite pizza at Rocky Mountain Flatbread, but we also encourage you to try the other pizza creations on the menu. There are plenty of pasta options as well as gluten and vegan options.

A young boy is excited to eat lunch at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant in Canmore, Alberta.
Our son is excited for his flatbread!

It doesn’t take long to cook flatbreads in the wood fired oven, so we’ve always found our lunch service to be very quick.

2. Rocky Mountain Bagel

Sometimes referred to as, “Canmore’s Living Room“, Rocky Mountain Bagel has been serving up delicious bagel creations since 1995. Open for breakfast and lunch, we’re confident you will love the fresh-baked deliciousness of their menu.

Personally, I love a breakfast bagel for lunch, so I’m a big fan that the breakfast bagel sandwiches are served all day. The BCTL with an egg is my favorite breakfast bagel at Rocky Mountain Bagel.

a leaded bagel for lunch at the Rocky Mountain Bagel restaurant in Canmore, Alberta.

In addition to the all-day breakfast bagels, Rocky Mountain Bagel serves a variety of open-faced bagel dishes, along with Bagelwiches. The Mountaineer (with pastrami, cream cheese and lots of fixin’s) is especially good.

Rocky Mountain Bagel has two locations in Canmore. Their flagship location is on 8th Street in downtown Canmore, while their newer location is on Bow Valley Trail in a cluster of Canmore hotels.

A selection of bagels at the Rocky Mountain Bagel restaurant in Canmore, Alberta.

If you are looking for a delicious sandwich on a fresh-baked bagel, Rocky Mountain Bagel is the Canmore lunch restaurant for you!

3. JK Bakery

When we go out for lunch in Canmore, the first restaurant which typically comes to mind is the JK Bakery. Why? Because they make incredibly good homemade sandwiches – the kind that you’d enjoy when you eat lunch at your Grandma’s as a kid.

The star of the show is the freshly made bread, and there are 6 kinds to choose from. You can then choose from a wide variety of sandwich proteins, including standards like ham & turkey, but the selection goes all the way to chicken curry and pulled pork. Top it off exactly the way you like it with your favorite condiments and veggies, and before long you’ll be in sandwich heaven.

a selection of homemade bread for sale at the JK Bakery - a great lunch restaurant in Canmore, Alberta.

The JK Bakery is a very popular Canmore restaurant for lunch, and they have many other offerings on their lunch menu. Are they good? I’ll never find out, because the sandwiches are so darn good that I refuse to get anything else when I come here.

JK Bakery also has two locations. The downtown location is easiest for visitors, but the Railway Ave location isn’t too far away if you feel like a little walk.

a chicken curry sandwich from JK Bakery - shown in front of Two Jack Lake in Banff.
Takeaway JK Bakery sandwiches are great for hiking!

4. Summit Cafe

My fellow locals are going to be mad at me for including this, but the Summit Cafe is one of the most beloved lunch restaurants in Canmore. It’s located in a residential part of town, a short drive from downtown Canmore.

The Summit Cafe has a winning menu combination of all-day breakfast and a selection of delicious sandwiches. Everything at the Summit Cafe has been excellent, but my absolute favorite is the breakfast burrito with a real Mexican flare.

Get here early as this small Canmore restaurant often fills up well before noon. If it’s full don’t worry as their takeout is also very good.

The Benchlands Trail (one of my favorite walks in Canmore) is in-between the Summit Cafe and downtown Canmore, so it’s the perfect walk & lunch combo. There are park benches on this trail where you can sit and enjoy some Rocky Mountain scenery as you enjoy your takeout from the Summit Cafe.

The Summit Cafe is one of Canmore's best restaurants for take out and dine in

5. Communitea

One of the healthiest lunch restaurants in Canmore, Communitea has been a beloved restaurant for years. A fun, colorful restaurant, I just love the energetic vibe whenever I eat at Communitea.

Communitea offers a wide selection of healthy food options, including a variety of delicious bowls (the Buddha Bowl is our favorite!), sandwiches and wraps.

An easy to reach Canmore lunch restaurant, Communitea is just two blocks off main street. If you like eating outside on a warm, blue sky day in Canmore, Communitea has plenty of outdoor seating. There’s plenty of foot traffic, making it a great spot for people watching while you enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch.

6. Grizzly Paw Pub

The Grizzly Paw has been serving up pub favorites at their main street Canmore location for nearly 30 years. Quite likely the most popular pub in Canmore, the Grizzly Paw Pub is a great place for lunch.

The Grizzly Paw is a large restaurant, with two levels of indoor seating as well as a generously sized outdoor patio. The patio is almost always packed for lunch on a sunny day in Canmore, so we advise you arrive early if you’d like an outdoor table.

The Grizzly Paw Pub is a good option for lunch in Canmore.

Everybody loves pub food for lunch, and the Grizzly Paw Pub has it all. Choose from a big selection of appies, burgers, sandwiches, salads, to main dishes like fish n’ chips and bbq ribs. I’ve eaten at this popular Canmore restaurant many, many times and have always left satisfied.

A delicious chicken entree for lunch at the Grizzly Paw Pub on Main Street in Canmore, Alberta.

If you like microbrews, you’ll love that the Grizzly Paw makes its own handcrafted beer. My favorite is the Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat, but if it’s your first time here, why not get a Suds Sampler to try 4 of their creations?

7. Market Bistro

Another Canmore lunch restaurant we have loved for years is the Market Bistro. Nicely hidden away in the Three Sisters Mountain Village neighborhood, the Market Bistro is the perfect lunch restaurant on a nice day. We enjoy sitting in their beautiful, tree covered outdoor patio soaking in the views of the Three Sisters mountain.

the large outdoor patio at the Market Bistro restaurant makes it a great restaurant for lunch on a nice day in Canmore, AB.

But it’s not just the excellent patio and mountain views that keeps us coming back to the market bistro for lunch – the food is outstanding too. The Market Bistro serves up simple, yet very delicious food from a French and Italian inspired menu. Our go-to item on the Market Bistro lunch menu is their tasty flatbreads, but they also have a wide variety of pastas, wraps, sandwiches and entrees.

While the Market Bistro is one of Canmore’s best lunch restaurants, it’s location in the Three Sisters Mountain Village makes it a little harder to reach for visitors to town. It’s easy to drive to, of course, but we have a better solution for you.

a tasty flatbread off the lunch menu at the Market Bistro restaurant in Canmore, Alberta.

Simply take the free Roam public transit bus (route 5T) from downtown Canmore. Then, after an amazing lunch, you can take the bus back or enjoy a beautiful walk along the Bow River back to downtown Canmore.

8. Take a Hike Market

Located just a short walk from downtown Canmore in the Solara Resort, the Take a Hike Market is one of my favorite new Canmore lunch restaurants. One really unique element of the Take a Hike Market is that you can swing by before a hike and grab a high quality meal to go – like a cheese plate or a charcuterie board.

The Take a Hike Market is a great option for takeaway lunches for hiking in Banff and Kananaskis.

But, of course, we’re here to talk about lunch restaurants in Canmore, so I’d like to tell you about a recent meal we had there… it was DELICIOUS!

The restaurant seating area of the Take a Hike Market is quite simple, with counter seating along the outside windows. But don’t let this deter you, the food coming out of the kitchen is outstanding.

I ordered the Thanks to Mum breakfast sandwich, which quite honestly is the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. The flavor combinations were just perfect. Celine ordered an eggs benedict with Montreal smoked meat, which was also delicious.

Our lunch order at the Take a Hike Market in Canmore consisted of eggs benedict and a breakfast sandwich.

Other lunch offerings at the Take a Hike Market include sandwiches, salads, hummus, burgers, pizza and more.

9. Harvest Cafe

I distinctly remember the first time I ate at the Harvest Cafe – it was during the weekend when we were house hunting for our first place in Canmore. Our Realtor had suggested it to us as one of his favorite places, and we are grateful as it is now one of our favorite Canmore restaurants too.

When I go to the Harvest Cafe for lunch, I typically enjoy one of their delicious wraps, like the curry chicken or pulled pork. In addition to wraps, they offer all day breakfast, paninis and a variety of vegetarian dishes.

I know this is a post about my favorite Canmore lunch restaurants, but if you can visit the Harvest Cafe shortly after they open, you have a chance to get one of their huge cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven. They are truly amazing when fresh out of the oven.

And that’s it! We hope you found some great options for lunch restaurants in Canmore.

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