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Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Banff

Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. With all the amazing outdoor activities, tons of dog lovers visit Banff to enjoy outdoor fun with their dog. Not surprisingly, it’s easy to visit Banff with a dog, especially with these 5 pet-friendly hotels in Banff who make your furry friend feel right at home.

banff hotels that allow dogs

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The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Banff:

1. Banff Springs Hotel

The Banff Springs Hotel is the most famous and luxurious hotel in Banff National Park. You might expect that a hotel of this stature wouldn’t allow pets, but in fact, the Banff Springs Hotel is one of the best Banff hotels that allow dogs!

The Banff Springs Hotel is a pet friendly hotel in Banff National Park

The award-winning Banff Springs Hotel allows a maximum of two pets per room. Pets cannot be left unattended in the room at any time, but for an extra fee, the Banff Springs is happy to provide pet-sitting services if booked in advance.

The pet cleaning fee at the Banff Springs Hotel is $50+GST, but Fairmont will donate $15 of this fee to the Bow Valley SPCA.

Dogs are allowed at the Banff Springs Hotel - a pet-friendly Banff hotel

Note: Service dogs may stay at the Banff Springs Hotel at no charge.

If you are considering a stay at this iconic Banff hotel, be sure to read our review of a Fairmont Room and also check here for any Banff Springs Hotel deals first!

2. Moose Hotel & Suites

Enjoy a warm elegance at this popular hotel in downtown Banff. The Moose Hotel is a pet-friendly Banff hotel with an indoor pool, an exercise room and two rooftop hot pools with spectacular views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. After a day of fun in Banff with your dog, treat yourself to a visit to the Meadow Spa & Pools.

the Moose Hotel is one of the best pet friendly hotels banff national park

The Moose Hotel & Suites certainly earns its spot on our list of pet-friendly hotels in Banff. The Moose Hotel goes all-out to ensure your dog is comfortable, providing a pet bed, food and water bowls, special treats and a take-home toy.

The Moose Hotel is one of the highest rated pet friendly hotels in Banff

When it’s time for your dog to go, you’ll find grass-lined sidewalks one block east along Moose Avenue.

The extra fee is $25 per pet per night. Pets cannot be left unattended at any time.

3. Tunnel Mountain Resort

For those who are looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Banff in a natural setting, look no further than the Tunnel Mountain Resort. Just a 5 minute drive from downtown Banff, the Tunnel Mountain Resort is a resort in the forest on the side of a mountain. In addition to the main building, you’ll also find many Banff cabins for rent.

In addition to the beautiful natural setting, guests at this dog-friendly Banff hotel will enjoy the indoor pool, the fitness room, a sauna & steam room and a play area for the kids.

pet friendly hotels banff national park

As one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Banff, the Tunnel Mountain Resort makes sure your furry friend feels welcome. Similar to the Moose Hotel, the Tunnel Mountain Resort offers a pet bed, food and water bowls, special treats and a take-home toy.

best pet-friendly hotels in Banff, the Tunnel Mountain Resort

You’ll have no problems finding some grass for your dog to go as the Tunnel Mountain Resort is in a very natural setting, seemingly a world away from downtown Banff.

Pet charges are $25.00 per pet per night. Pets cannot be left unattended at any time.

4. Elk + Avenue Hotel

The Elk + Avenue Hotel has one of the best locations of the pet-friendly Banff hotels. It’s about a one minute walk from the edge of downtown Banff, making it super close, yet far enough away from the action.

Banff's Elk + Avenue Hotel is one of the best pet friendly hotels in Alberta

The Elk + Avenue Hotel has a jacuzzi and dry sauna as well as full-size lockers for ski equipment. Plus, kids stay free!

The Elk + Avenue Hotel is one of the best pet friendly hotels in Banff downtown

When your dog needs to go, simply walk a minute down the street to the IGA grocery store where you’ll find lots of grass.

The cleaning fee at this top pet-friendly Banff hotel is $25 per night, with a maximum 2 pets per room.

If you are visiting Banff on a budget, consider a pet-friendly hotel in Canmore – located just minutes from Banff.

5. Fox Hotel & Suites

The Fox Hotel & Suites is a pet-friendly Banff hotel with an amazing pool. Their indoor hot pool is modeled after the famous Banff Cave & Basin, where hot springs were first discovered leading to the creation of Banff National Park.

With a fun hot pool, the Fox Hotel isn't just pet friendly, its one of the best kid friendly hotels in banff

As with the other hotels on this list which are owned by the Banff Lodging Co., the Fox Hotel & Suites is a very pet-friendly Banff hotel. The Fox Hotel provides a pet bed, food and water bowls, special treats and a take-home toy for your furry friend.

pet friendly hotels in banff

The on-site Chili’s restaurant has a pet-friendly patio. Pet charges at the Fox Hotel are $25 per pet, per night.

Check out these kid-friendly Banff hotels which are also pet-friendly!

Rules for Visiting Banff with a Dog

The rules for visiting Banff with a dog are pretty straightforward. Keep in mind that the Town of Banff and Banff National Park are separate entities and each have their own laws pertaining to pets.

Basic Rules for Dogs in Banff

When you go to Banff with a dog, you’ll need to follow all the basic dog rules you likely have back home. Basically, you need to keep your dog on leash at all times, pick up dog poop immediately and do not leave them unattended in a vehicle.

Dogs hiking in Banff must be on-leash
Hiking Johnston Canyon with Dogs

Enjoying Banff Trails with a Dog

The stunning, raw mountain wilderness is a huge reason why people wish to visit Banff with a dog. Taking your dog for a beautiful hike in Banff is one of the most enjoyable things you’ll do during your visit.

These Banff Pet Friendly Hotels make visiting Banff with a dog easy

Note, that on-leash dogs are typically allowed on Banff trails, but there are some trails where they are not allowed. For example, dogs are typically not allowed on most groomed cross-country ski trails and some fat biking trails.

Check the Banff trail conditions report before you bring your dog with you on the trail.

Dogs in Banff – Wildlife Rules

The most important rule for dog owners to be aware of in Banff is that your dog may not chase or harass wildlife at any time. Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its incredible amount and diversity of wildlife. Dogs who harass wildlife cause undue stress to these beautiful animals, who may in turn try to defend themselves and injure your dog.

** Be aware that an off-leash dog may run ahead, only to return with an angry bear in tow. **

When visiting Banff with a dog, keep them on leash to help prevent animal encounters
Want this Grizzly bear chasing your dog?

It’s best for everyone if you keep your dog on leash and keep them under control when wildlife is around. If your dog is unfamiliar with being around wildlife, take a few seconds to read Dogs and Wildlife.

Banff Off-Leash Dog Park

Is your dog tired of being cooped up in the hotel room? Take them to the Banff off-leash dog park! It’s about a 5 minute drive or a 35 minute walk from downtown Banff to the off-leash park. A second off-leash dog park is slated to be built in Banff in 2021 at the Recreation Grounds.

Directions to Banff off-leash dog-park

Dogs in Banff love hiking

Banff Pet Supply Stores

If you find yourself needing some supplies for your dog while in Banff, check out these local pet supply stores:

pet friendly Banff national park

A Portable Playpen for Pets

When we stayed in hotel rooms with our dogs, we used to lug their giant dog kennels around so they’d have a place to sleep. These dog kennels took up most of the space in the back of our vehicle, leaving us with no space for our luggage.

We often wished that we had a portable pen for them to sleep in. We’ve recently discovered the Pop N’ Go Mini – the world’s lightest and most portable playpen for small dogs, cats and even babies! This portable pet playpen will be perfect for your stay at a pet-friendly Banff hotel!

Get 10% off your Pop N’ Go Mini with our coupon code BABYCANTRAVEL10. (One of our other websites is Baby Can Travel)

A portable playpen for your pet-friendly hotel in Banff

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Recommended Places to Stay in Banff

Plan a Banff Vacation

Recommended Banff Hikes

Banff with a Dog FAQ

Is Banff Springs Hotel pet-friendly?

The iconic "Castle in the Rockies" - the Banff Springs Hotel

Yes, the Banff Springs Hotel is pet-friendly! Despite being one of the most luxurious Banff hotels, you are welcome to bring your furry friends to the Castle in the Rockies.

Is Banff dog-friendly?

Absolutely, Banff is very dog-friendly! Your dog will love all the time you spend outdoors with it enjoying the beauty of this spectacular national park. In town, many Banff restaurants have special dog patios, while several Banff hotels are pet-friendly,

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Wondering where to stay in Banff with a pet? These are the best pet friendly hotels in Banff.

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