The 6 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels In Canmore

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If you are seeking pet-friendly hotels in Canmore, you are very likely a nature lover. Well, you’re in luck – Canmore, Alberta is a place of natural beauty with endless activities for dog owners and their four-legged companions. With an enviable location in a mountain valley in-between the world-famous Banff National Park and the provincial mountain parks in Kananaskis Country, the vertical landscape around Canmore is an outdoor paradise.

With so many beautiful outdoor spaces, Canmore is the ideal destination for animal lovers who love spending time in nature. Canmore has abundant hiking trails, outdoor activities, and sightseeing points, off-leash dog parks and you are sure to spend hours enjoying the Canadian Rockies. And what better way to enjoy the picturesque Rocky Mountain scenery of Canmore than with your furry best friend?

the Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Canmore, Alberta

With so many fun things to do with pets, it’s no surprise there are many high quality pet-friendly hotels in Canmore. This quaint Alberta town has numerous hotel options to choose from that can accommodate your pet while you explore the region. 

If you are searching for the best pet-friendly hotels in Canmore, you have several options. We list the six best pet-friendly hotels in Canmore and what makes them the perfect place to go with your four-legged friend during your next visit. 

hiking in Kananaskis with a dog near Canmore, AB

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Canmore

1. The Malcolm Hotel

Whether you are visiting Canmore for business or pleasure, the Malcolm Hotel is a terrific pet-friendly hotel to bring your dog along with you. The Malcolm Hotel sits between two flowing creeks, providing a breathtaking view of the mountainside with an air of royalty and luxury as you enjoy everything it offers. You can take advantage of the free parking on-site, outdoor heated pool, and hot tubs for all hotel guests. 

The luxurious lobby of the Malcolm Hotel, one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Canmore, Alberta

The Malcolm Hotel is a four-star pet-friendly hotel with numerous amenities to make your stay as memorable as possible. They welcome dogs of all sizes, providing their own special dog bed and Mut Hut Treats from the Mut Hut Emporium (a local pet shop), specialty baked for your four-legged companion. You can relax knowing that your dog will be as comfortable and happy as you are with your stay. 

The Malcolm Hotel is one of the best dog-friendly hotels in Canmore

The concierge of this pet-friendly hotel in Canmore has extensive knowledge of the area to provide you with directions to one of the numerous local dog parks, walking trails, and pet stores in downtown Canmore. So whether you are looking for an off-leash park to meet new dog friends or a place to explore nature for the afternoon, just ask the well-informed staff, who are happy to help you find the best experiences possible. 

If you are looking for a good place to walk your dog in Canmore, the Malcolm Hotel is within minutes of the Policeman’s Creek walking trail – one of the best walking trails in Canmore.

Policeman's Creek is one of the best walking trails in Canmore and is minutes from the pet-friendly Malcolm Hotel
Policeman’s Creek

Final thought: The Malcolm Hotel is not only the top dog-friendly hotel in town, it also tops our list of the best hotels in Canmore. You won’t go wrong with a stay at this exceptional Canmore hotel.

2. Georgetown Inn & Pub

The Georgetown Inn & Pub is a classic Tudor English building, perfect for you and your dog when looking for Canmore pet-friendly hotels. It was recently voted a Travellers’ Choice hotel on TripAdvisor, and for a good reason. The classic exterior is welcoming as you find this treasure in the heart of this Alberta mountain town. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive pet-friendly hotel in Canmore accommodations, try the Georgetown Inn

For travelers who enjoy bringing along their four-legged friends while away from home, the Georgetown Inn & Pub is an excellent choice for a pet-friendly hotel in Canmore. It allows dogs of all sizes, including cats, so you do not have to worry about leaving any furry family members behind on your next trip. 

This pet-friendly hotel offers three designated rooms for guests with pets, so it is recommended that you book early to ensure availability. The maximum number of pets in a room is two, and all animals must be on a leash at all times. There are no seasonal restrictions on pet rooms, and the daily fee per animal is $25, up to a maximum of $100 per stay. 

an elegant room at the pet-friendly Georgetown Inn in Canmore, Alberta

The Georgetown Inn & Pub offers several dog-friendly walking areas for you and your dog around the property, providing an abundance of places for your pet to sniff and explore. It is also close to the numerous dog parks within Canmore and walking trails that showcase the natural beauty of your surroundings while visiting. 

Trail to the hoodoos in Canmore
The Benchlands Ridge Trail is near the Georgetown Inn

3. Pocaterra Inn & Waterslide

The Pocaterra Inn & Waterslide is one of the most welcoming pet-friendly hotels in Canmore for you and your pet. It offers unique touches to ensure you feel comfortable during your visit, including freshly baked cookies for you and Denta sticks for your four-legged friends.

best places to stay in canmore with pets - Pocaterra Inn and waterslide

Not all the rooms at the Pocaterra Inn can accommodate pets, so it is recommended that you book ahead to ensure availability. While visiting the Pocaterra Inn & Waterslide with your pet, they should always be on a leash and not be left unattended on the property. The furniture in the room is for humans and is not dog-friendly, and you should not leave your pets unattended at any time. An additional $25 per animal daily applies to your room rate during your stay. 

Although it is one of best pet-friendly hotels in Canmore, some public areas at the Pocaterra Inn are not pet-friendly and do not allow pets. Therefore, ensure you adhere to the designated spaces or ask the helpful staff where you and your dog can explore. It provides a healthy, hearty complimentary breakfast to fuel up before heading out for a day of Rocky Mountain adventure with your four-legged friend. 

many popular walking trails in Canmore follow the Bow River
Larch Island is a pleasant walk from the Pocaterra Inn

If you enjoy taking your dog out for a walk in the mountains or a kayaking trip on one of the local lakes, the Pocaterra Inn & Waterslide is an ideal pet-friendly hotel in Canmore for your stay. It also offers specials throughout the year, so you can save money by booking at least 60 days in advance or during one of the seasonal discount offers. 

If you are visiting Canmore with your kids and family pet, the Pocaterra Inn is the perfect hotel for both needs. In addition to all the pet-friendly amenities, this kid-friendly Canmore hotel has a big waterslide and indoor pool for your kids! As a bonus, it’s also one of the best inexpensive hotels in Canmore!

the Pocaterra Inn has a waterslide and pool, making it a kid-friendly hotel in addition to being a pet-friendly hotel

4. Solara Resort

If you are looking for a luxurious mountain getaway where your small pet can accompany you, the Solara Resort is an excellent Canmore hotel choice. There is no ruff-ing it when staying at this pet-friendly Canmore hotel. The Canmore Conference Center is on-site, so you do not have to worry about leaving your animal behind if you are traveling for work.

The exterior of the pet-friendly Solara Resort in Canmore, Alberta

Although not all rooms can accommodate animals, they will do their best to ensure they can fit you and your four-legged dog or cat into a designated dog-friendly pet suite. There is a limit of one pet per room, and all animals must be 40 pounds or less. The Solara Resort charges a daily $30 pet cost up to a maximum of $125 per stay. 

You will not have to worry about timing your next holiday booking in Canmore because the Solara Resort has no seasonal restrictions for booking suites with a pet. With the pet-friendly hotel policy, they offer complimentary pet food and water dishes by request, and all pets must be kenneled if left in the suite unattended. 

a man and his dog explore the beautiful gardens around the Solara Resort in Canmore, AB

The Solara Resort has the Take-A-Hike Market situated in the lobby, providing you with the perfect source for delicious, homemade local delicacies. Use the Grab and Go option to build a tasty meal for you to take on your hike with your dog as you explore the trails around Canmore. 

Guests can also take advantage of the Stay|Well seasonal amenities throughout the year from this pet-friendly hotel to enhance their outdoor experience. From trek poles to bear bells or stand-up paddle boards, there are numerous ways to enjoy the outdoors with your pet in Canmore while staying at the dog-friendly hotel, the Solara Resort.

Cougar Creek is a good trail to walk a dog in Canmore, AB
The Cougar Creek trail is minutes from the Solara Resort

5. Mystic Springs Chalets & Hot Pools

Visiting Canmore can be a treat for you and your pet while staying at the Mystic Springs Chalets & Hot Pools hotel. As one of the best Alberta pet-friendly hotels, they understand how important it is for you and your pet to be comfortable when you travel. When you want the best family-friendly hotels in Canmore, you can also include your four-legged friends in your mountain adventures. 

the outdoor pool at the pet-friendly Mystic Springs Chalets in Canmore, Alberta

Dogs and cats 40 pounds and under are allowed, up to two animals per room in this pet-friendly hotel, and there are numerous walking areas around the property for your pet. Offering comfortable chalets with individual entrances, you and your pet have the space you need during your stay. This pet-friendly hotel is a short walk to downtown Canmore, where you and your family pet can explore the local amenities. 

Policeman's Creek is one of the best places to walk your dog in Canmore
Scenic walking trails near Mystic Springs Chalets

When you book a pet-friendly room at the Mystic Springs Chalets & Hot Pools with your four-legged friend, each dog receives a special welcome package. Their complimentary arrangement includes a seasonal basket, a gift pack from the local pet boutique, the Mut Hut, with a ball, gourmet dog biscuit, and poop bag, along with maps to the dog parks. 

Rocky Mountain views from inside the dog-friendly Mystic Springs Chalets

Pet owners can ask for complimentary dog and cat bowls for their visit and have access to a pet door hanger. All animals staying at the Mystic Springs Chalets & Hot Pools require a leash at all times and must be in a kennel if left unattended in the room. There is a $25 per day pet fee in addition to your room charges.  

With the largest outdoor swimming pool in town, the Mystic Springs Chalets was a shoe-in for our list of the best Canmore hotels with an outdoor pool.

6. Basecamp Resorts Canmore

For modern and functional pet-friendly hotels in Canmore, the Basecamp Resorts offers several unique options for individuals, families, and groups with animals. With options ranging from micro-suites and up to three-bedroom units, there are multiple accommodations for anyone traveling with their dog. 

a woman relaxing on a bed while enjoying mountain views at the Basecamp Resorts Canmore

The choices here are eclectic and comfortable, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains for a pleasant, relaxing experience. Not all suites are pet-friendly, so guests must specify ahead of time if they require a suite for their dog. Basecamp Resorts Canmore charges a pet fee of $25 per day with each reservation. 

With epic outdoor adventures waiting for you and your dog, there is plenty to do in and around Canmore all year long. Basecamp Resorts Canmore provides communal spaces for you to connect with others while offering separate entrances for your privacy.

Canmore is a small Alberta mountain town with excellent hiking trails (like the Grassi Lakes Trail) for you and your pet. When you are ready to relax after a full day of excitement, you and your dog can retreat back to the pet-friendly cabins at Basecamp Resorts Canmore. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful evening star gazing on the rooftop or chilling together on your private outdoor patio, surrounded by the region’s natural beauty. 

rooftop hot tub at Basecamp Resorts Canmore

Your room at Basecamp Resorts Canmore includes a free parking stall, high-quality linens, and exceptional bathroom products. 

Basic Rules for Dogs in Canmore

When you visit Canmore with a dog, you’ll need to follow all the common sense basic dog rules you likely have back home. Basically, you need to keep your dog on leash at all times, do not leave them unattended in a vehicle and pick up dog poop immediately. The Town of Canmore offers free dog poop bags – just look for the dispensers on the many walking trails around town.

All dogs must be on-leash when walking in Canmore, Banff and Kananaskis Country

Enjoying the Banff and Kananaskis Trails with a Dog

Of course, every pet owner will need a pet-friendly Canmore hotel to sleep in, but during the day you’ll want to be enjoying the stunning wilderness setting. The stunning, raw mountain wilderness is a huge reason why people wish to visit Canmore with a dog. With its convenient location in the middle, you have the choice of enjoying some of the best hiking trails in Banff or the best hiking trails in Kananaskis.

Always use a leash when hiking with dogs in Kananaskis
Dogs love the Chester Lake hike in Kananaskis Country

Note, that on-leash dogs are typically allowed on most Banff and Kananaskis trails, but there are some trails where they are not allowed. For example, dogs are typically not allowed on most groomed cross-country ski trails and some Banff fat biking trails.

Always check the Banff trail conditions report or the Kananaskis trail reports before you bring your dog with you on the trail.

there are many places to go hiking with a dog near Canmore, AB

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Don’t miss our guide to visiting Banff National Park with a dog.

Wildlife Rules for Dogs in the Rocky Mountains

The most important rule for dog owners to be aware of in Banff and Kananaskis is that your dog may not chase or harass wildlife at any time. Banff National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its incredible amount and diversity of wildlife. Dogs who harass wildlife cause undue stress to these beautiful animals, who may in turn try to defend themselves and injure your dog.

Be aware that an off-leash dog may run ahead, only to return with an angry bear in tow. Trust me, you do not want this!

keep your dog on-leash in Canmore to prevent any unsafe animal encounters

Please keep the Alberta mountain parks wild by keeping your dog on leash and under control when wildlife is around. If your dog is unfamiliar or uncomfortable around wildlife, take a few seconds to read Dogs and Wildlife.

Canmore Off-Leash Dog Parks

The six best pet-friendly hotels in Canmore above are awesome for your whole family, but let’s face it, your dog wants to get outside and play! When your dog is holding its leash in its mouth, looking at you with sad eyes, it’s time to take them to one of the Canmore off-leash dog parks!

There are three main off-leash dog parks in Canmore with parking:

  • Cougar Creek: This is the closest off-leash dog park to the pet-friendly hotels in Canmore and is within easy walking distance of the hotels. Tucked in-between two major highways, it’s not the most scenic spot to walk your dog in Canmore.

  • Elk Run: The Elk Run off-leash dog park is in the residential part of Canmore, so your dog likely to make friends with lots of local dogs.

  • Quarry Lake: If you have a car with you, the off-leash dog park in Quarry Lake is one of the most scenic places in Canmore and even has a small pond for your dog to swim in!
Quarry Lake

Canmore Pet Supply Stores

You can make your trip to the Rocky Mountains as luxurious for your dog as it is for you when you stay at one of these pet-friendly hotels in Canmore. Just head into the heart of downtown with your pet and visit one of the Canmore pet stores for a wide array of specialty treats for your four-legged friend.

These three pet supply stores are all within walking distance of the pet-friendly hotels in Canmore:

Additional Pet-Friendly Accomodations Near Canmore

If none of the pet-friendly hotels in Canmore listed above meet your needs, don’t worry as there are several other options to choose from:

  • We highly recommend you check out our list of the best pet-friendly hotels in Banff. Staying in the heart of Banff National Park is an amazing experience, but if you are traveling to Banff on a budget, keep in mind that Banff hotels tend to be more expensive than an equivalent Canmore hotel.

  • If you are visiting Canmore with a pet in the warm season, camping is a great alternative to staying in a pet-friendly hotel. There are many Canmore campsites, or for something a little more rugged, you can find a great place to go camping in Kananaskis.
Two happy dogs enjoy camping in Kananaskis, near Canmore, AB

We hope you find our recommendations for the best pet-friendly hotels in Canmore will enhance your enjoyment of your visit to our hometown!

The Best of Canmore, Alberta

Standing at Aylmer Lookout Banff National Park

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