Banff Easy Hikes

mossy rockwall along Stoney Lookout hiking trail in Banff

Stoney Lookout Hike in Banff National Park

No matter what season it is, we always enjoy coming to Mt. Norquay for a quick hike on the Stoney Lookout trail. Without a significant amount of time or effort, the Stoney Lookout hike rewards hikers with an excellent viewpoint over the town of Banff and the majestic mountains of the Bow Valley and beyond.

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1901 Compressed air locomotive at the ghost town in Bankhead, Alberta

Bankhead Ghost Town

A visit to the Bankhead ghost town in Banff National Park is a unique opportunity to take an easy walk through a fascinating piece of Alberta history. In its heyday in the early 1900’s, Bankhead, Alberta was a thriving town of nearly 1,000 citizens built next to the operations site of an anthracite coal mine.

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