40 Amazing Things to do in Banff in Winter

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If you’ve never experienced Banff during winter, you might be wondering if Banff is worth visiting in winter. Our answer is unequivocally yes! You won’t have to look far for winter activities in Banff, which transforms into a winter wonderland in the months of December through March. If you are lucky enough to visit Banff in winter, be prepared to spend most of your time reliving the childhood joys of playing in snow.

With so many things to do in the winter months, you might even have a hard time choosing what to do in Banff in winter. Just be prepared with the proper winter gear to keep you warm and comfortable all day long!

Lake Louise Boat House in Winter.

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Banff Winter Activities

Here are all the best Banff winter activities that we recommend. We love getting outside in winter and as locals these are some of the things we love to do in Banff in the winter:

1. Banff Winter Hikes

Banff National Park winter hikes

Perhaps one of the simplest activities to do in Banff in winter, is a winter hike. There are plenty of winter hikes in Banff and the surrounding area for all fitness levels. Though you need little more than proper winter boots and warm winter gear, don’t discount Banff winter hiking as a worthwhile outing and one of the best Banff winter activities for non-skiers.

There are some incredible views to be had and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a winter wonderland walking amongst trees covered in snow. One of our favorites is the Surprise Corner to Banff Hoodoos Trail, which enable hikers to see two of the town of Banff’s best viewpoints.

2. Skating on a Frozen Lake

skating Johnson Lake - winter activities banff in November

Termed “wild ice” by locals, skating on a frozen lake in Banff National Park is not only one of the best things to do in Banff in the winter, it’s one of the best FREE things to do in Banff in winter!

What makes this rare opportunity so wonderful is being surrounded by towering mountains peaks covered in snow while skating in Banff on glass like ice. With a little luck, the winter conditions will be just right, such that the water freezes without being covered in snow.

Skating on Peyto Lake in Banff National Park.

Don’t fear, if skating on the Banff lakes doesn’t work out there are still other opportunities for skating outdoors. Ice skating on Lake Louise is bucket-list worthy. By mid-December, the lake is cleared for skating in this magical place, complete with an ice castle!

ice magic festival Banff in January

If you are looking for an EPIC Banff winter experience, try a helicopter tour to see the iconic ice bubbles on Abraham Lake. Just know that this is a long drive (2-2.5hrs from Banff) to the Rockies Heli Canada Location.

3. Fat Biking in Banff National Park

Banff Fat Biking Trails

Fat biking is the most fun you can have on two wheels! If being on a bike appeals more than hiking or snowshoeing then give it a try. With plenty of fat biking trails in Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis to explore, the only hard part will be deciding where to go.

There are fat bike rentals available in Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis.

If this is your first time on a fat bike, but it looks like fun (it is!), then try a fat biking tour around the town of Banff with knowledgeable local guides!

4. Snowshoeing in Banff

snowshoeing in kananaskis

Be warned, snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies might just become your happy place. There is something so peaceful and serene about snowshoeing in the deep snow as large flakes fall down around you. Imagine walking in your very own snow globe.

There are plenty of marked trails for all skill levels, which makes it easy to pick up snowshoe rentals and head out on your own. These easy snowshoes trails in Kananaskis are perfect for beginners, as are many of these Banff snowshoe trails. If you are spending a lot of time in Lake Louise, try one of these best Lake Louise snowshoe trails.

If you’d like to hook up with a small-group snowshoeing tour near Banff, check out this introductory snowshoeing tour to Marble Canyon, a 40 metre deep limestone gorge. After admiring the dramatic colors of Marble Canyon, enjoy hot maple taffy, a uniquely Canadian treat made in the snow by your guide.

5. Visit Lake Louise

While you won’t get to see the famous Moraine Lake in the winter, you won’t have to miss out on seeing the equally popular Lake Louise in winter. Parking is open all winter long and the lake has a wonderful lakeshore walk, that anyone can do.

Lake Louise in Winter

While it gets crowded even in the winter, the Lake Louise winter activities make it a worthwhile stop. From a skating on the lake, a delightful winter walk, snowshoeing and even cross-country skiing, Lake Louise is a winter wonderland with all the best winter activities!

If you are staying in Banff, you can enjoy this half-day Lake Louise tour filled with magical winter activities.

6. Banff Gondola

Complete with a gondola ride, insane mountain views and a mountain boardwalk, the Banff Gondola is one of the best things to do in Banff in winter. In the cold winter months, the rooftop observation deck has deck chairs and fire pits so you can comfortably enjoy the views.

Banff Gondola - winter activities in banff

There are two restaurants at the top, which offer a dining experience with views that can’t be beat. With interactive exhibits inside and a stroll along the Sulphur Mountain Boardwalk, this is a Banff winter experience for the entire family.

For a spectacular evening activity, get tickets for the Nightrise at the Banff Gondola.

7. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

There are few winter activities in Banff National Park more magical than a horse-drawn sleigh ride. There are two incredible backdrops you can choose for your Banff winter sleigh ride:

sleigh ride at Lake Louise in December

Warmed up with a blanket, take in the incredible scenery at Lake Louise with a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Whether you book a private sleigh ride for two or join a group ride, you’ll sit in awe at the towering snow-capped mountains and the ice falls at the end of the Lake Louise lakeside trail.

This is a quintessential thing to do at Lake Louise in the winter that will make everyone in the family happy. Kids especially will love this Lake Louise winter activity.

It’s recommended to make reservations for a Lake Louise sleigh ride in advance. This can be done through Brewster Adventures.

You may also enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the meadows near the Town of Banff. Enjoy the views of the majestic snow-covered Cascade Mountain and Mount Rundle, while you cozy up to your loved ones. End your sleigh ride with a warm drink next to a crackling campfire. You can choose between a Family Sleigh Ride, a Public Sleigh Ride that you’ll share with other people or a Private Sleigh Ride.

8. Cross-Country Skiing in Banff National Park

Nordic skiing, or cross country skiing, is the perfect way to get in some physical activity while immersing yourself in the winter wonderland that is Banff National Park. With so many trails to choose from in Banff National Park, it’s easy to spend an entire day out on the trails. For inspiration, we recommend these easy Banff cross-country ski trails.

Cross-country skiing at Lake Minnewanka - Winter

If you are new to the sport, sign up for a cross-country ski lesson in Banff! Lake Louise area also has cross-country ski lessons and a multitude of trails guaranteed to challenge all levels.

9. Snowboarding or Skiing in Banff

For some people, it’s all about skiing or snowboarding in Banff in the winter. With three world-class ski resorts within easy driving distance, choose one to spend a few days at or check out all three. SkiBig3 has lift tickets that will get you access to all 3 Banff resorts: Lake Louise, Banff Sunshine and Mt. Norquay.

skiing at Lake Louise Ski Resort - Banff

Despite the vertical mountainous terrain in Banff National Park, there is excellent skiing for all skill levels. For example, there are many excellent runs for beginners at Sunshine Village and green runs at Lake Louise.

If you’re looking to expand your Rocky Mountain downhill skiing adventures, bus & lift ticket packages are available from Banff to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort (Golden, BC).

10. See a Frozen Waterfall in Banff

There are several opportunities in Banff and the surrounding area to see a frozen waterfall, some more closeup than others. While hiking up Johnston Canyon to see the Upper Falls is the most impressive, you can see the Louise Falls at the end of the Lakeshore trail at Lake Louise or Troll Falls in Kananaskis.

banff things to do winter - walking Lake Louise Lakeshore

Whichever ones you see, we are certain you’ll be impressed by not only the stunning blue color but watching the ice climbers.

Can’t get enough the frozen waterfalls? Hike the Green Monster in Kananaskis. Microspikes are a must for this hike!

11. Icewalk Tour

IceWalk tours are one of the most popular activities in Banff. The Johnston Canyon icewalk is an excellent choice and can be done during the day, or as an extra-special evening icewalk.

Johnston Canyon hiking - Best things to do in Banff

Grotto Canyon isn’t as well known as Johnston Canyon, but it’s a ton of fun in the wintertime. The Grotto Canyon icewalk, located near Canmore, will take you along a frozen creek bed up a narrow canyon to frozen waterfalls. It’s one of the best Canmore winter activities.

icewalk tour - banff things to do in winter

These icewalks can be booked through Discover Banff Tours or done on your own. If you aren’t joining a tour, you’ll want a pair of spikes, like these Kahtoohla microspikes, to get over the ice. Ice spikes can also be rented in Banff.

12. Go Wildlife Spotting

While winter in Banff might not be the best time of year for wildlife spotting around Banff National Park, it’s still a worthwhile endeavor. There are still plenty of animals around for wildlife viewing. Most commonly you’ll see elk and big horn sheep. Though very rare, you might see a wolf, cougar or a lynx.

Wildlife Spotting - winter Banff Activities

It’s very unlikely to see a bear in the winter months, as they spend this time hibernating. Though it is possible in late-fall or early spring if they haven’t hibernated yet or come out of hibernation earlier than expected.

Please respect all animals by keeping your distance and never feeding an animal or trying to entice it closer.

Improve your chances to see Banff wildlife by joining a knowledgeable local guide on a winter wildlife and sightseeing tour.

13. Explore Banff Townsite

You can’t beat that view of Cascade mountain right from the middle of town. Visit the many shops in Banff and find a spot for lunch with an incredible view.


If shopping isn’t your thing, take a walk through town to Surprise Corner for a stunning view of the Banff Springs Hotel. From downtown Banff, you can take a lovely walk to the Banff Sign for a fun picture or walk along the river to get a view of Bow Falls.


14. Warm Up with a Coffee by a Fire

While there are a multitude of winter activities in Banff and it’s hard to fit them all in, it’s important to take time to soak it all in. The best way to do this is to grab a coffee or hot chocolate, near a fire where you can take in the view.

things to do in banff winter

15. Take a Self-Guided Photography Tour

Take yourself on a self-guided photography tour of Banff and area. Since the days are short with only 8 hours of daylight in winter, catching one of the spectacular sunrises or sunsets is a lot easier. With the sunrise close to 8:30am, there’s no waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise. Sunsets are equally as easy to catch while they are happening around 5pm.

winter activities Banff

The easiest place to catch a stunning sunrise in Banff is at Vermillion Lakes. Two Jack Lake is another alternative, just 10 minutes from the Banff townsite. In Canmore, the iconic Three Sisters mountains are bound to impress.

16. Tubing in Banff National Park

Enjoy the thrill of being a kid again, while tubing at Mt Norquay or Lake Louise Ski Resort. Ok, you won’t actually be a kid again but you will feel like one! Banff snow tubing is a great family friendly activity in Banff in winter.

Snow Tubing in Banff at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Mt Norquay has the largest tube park in Alberta with 8 lanes and a kids play area for little ones who aren’t big enough for tubing. If you hold a Lake Louise season pass, you can tube for free at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

17. Snowshoeing Tour

While we already discussed snowshoeing in Banff and area above, taking a snowshoeing tour is a way to escape the crowds and take part in a unique adventure.

snowshoeing - banff winter activities

At Sunshine Village, take part in their snowshoeing tour at Sunshine Meadows. This is a guided snowshoe in the backcountry, which includes a gondola and chair lift ride to get you there. This is the best way to experience the fun of playing in deep powder snow!

Snowshoeing tours, like this one to the Paint Pots, are one of the best things to do in Banff in winter if you don’t ski. Snowshoeing tours can also be done from Lake Louise. Mt Norquay doesn’t have snowshoe tours, but it has snowshoe trails and rentals available.

18. Ice Sculptures in Lake Louise

If you happen to be visiting Banff National Park in late January, don’t miss the opportunity to see the ice carving competition at Lake Louise. The resulting ice sculptures at Lake Louise are mind-blowing!

In the past, you could visit Lake Louise mid-week and still see the sculptures during the Ice Magic Festival. Since they are on the grounds of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, they now require a ticket to view them.

Lake Louise ice sculptures with mountains in background

This is one of the best times of the year to stay at the iconic Chateau Lake Louise, since the guests of the hotel will have free access to this amazing even. For more details, check out our Chateau Lake Louise review.

19. Skijoring

Don’t know what skijoring is? That’s ok, most people don’t! As part of the SnowDays Festival in Banff, you can bear witness to this fun activity! While there’s probably a lot more to it, from an inexperienced observer the skiers are pulled at high speeds where they’ll impress you with their jumps.

Skijoring in Banff.

This is only a one-day event in Banff, so keep an eye out for the exact date if you are visiting Banff National Park in January. Prepare to get to the event early to secure a spot near the biggest jumps for the best views!

20. Dog Sledding in Banff

Looking for a uniquely Canadian winter activity in Banff National Park? Look no further than dogsledding in Banff or Lake Louise. Even kids over 2 years old, can go dog sledding, making it a fun family activity in Banff National Park in winter. Just make sure everyone is dressed extra warm, to keep the experience as enjoyable as possible.

dogsledding - banff things to do winter

There are several companies that offer dog sledding in Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore/Kananaskis:

21. Snow Sculptures in Banff

Equally as impressive as the ice sculptures in Lake Louise, you’ll find snow sculptures around the town of Banff as part of the SnowDays festival. They are typically done over a course of a week, so you’ll have a chance to watch the snow carving in action!

snow sculptures in Banff - Snow Days Winter Festival

I’m always so impressed with the variety of the Banff snow sculptures! You’ll find everything from animals to snow globes! I recommend grabbing a coffee then taking a tour of all the snow sculptures, which are found on Bear Street, near the Whyte Museum, Banff Avenue Square, Banff High School and Mason Hall.

Don’t forget to also stop in at the SnowDays Play Zone, during the SnowDays festival, to try some fun winter activities like fat biking (and more!).

If you are visiting Banff in January in 2024, the dates for the SnowDays festival are January 26-28 and February 2-4.

22. Ice Climbing

If you are tired of watching others doing all the ice climbing, or just feeling extra adventurous, give it a try yourself. The Canadian Rockies is the perfect place to give this sport a try. The best time for giving ice climbing a try is for visits to Banff in December through March.

ice climber at Johnston Canyon - winter hike banff

Alpine Air Adventures offers ice climbing instructions for complete beginners and all other ranges of skill levels.

23. Banff Winter Carnival at the Cave and Basin

The Banff Winter Carnival takes place at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. It’s full of fun for the entire family with mini curling, box hockey and other fun winter games and activities. This Banff winter carnival first started in 1917, so don’t miss the opportunity to see vintage films and photos from those early days of the carnival!

The Banff Winter Carnival takes place daily from 11am to 5pm from December 15, 2023, to April 1, 2024. It’s free as part of your admission.

24. Soak in the Banff Upper Hot Springs

After all that time playing out in the snow, give your body a soak in the Banff Upper Hot Springs. As you sink deeper into the water, you can say goodbye to all those aches from playing hard on the ski hill or exploring the Banff snowshoe trails. Not only will your muscles thank you, but you won’t forget the incredible experience of sitting in the steamy hot water as snow falls down around you.

Banff Upper Hot Springs
Photo Credit: Noel Hendrickson

25. Tobogganing in Banff

Another fun winter activity in Banff for the whole family is tobogganing or sledding. Sledding is a perfect way to enjoy the park’s picturesque snow-covered landscapes, with the majestic mountains serving as a stunning backdrop. Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a playful break from skiing or snowboarding, try one of the various sledding hills around Banff.

sledding in Banff with Kids.

Tobogganing hills can be found at Lake Louise, the Canmore Nordic Center and for families staying at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge.

26. Take a Winter Walk

Not everything has to be an epic adventure, though those are easy to find in Banff National Park. Taking a stroll on a beautiful winter day is just good for the soul, plus its a great activity for those visiting Banff on a budget.

winter walk - banff things to do winter

This can be as easy as walking around the town of Banff, walking along Vermilion Lakes Road, or better yet walk the Lakeshore trail at Lake Louise. The views will astound you and the trail is an easy, flat walk. Two other great options are the many walking trails in Canmore or the Village Rim trail in Kananaskis Village.

27. Take a Scenic Drive

Not every day needs to be spent outside. When the roads are good and the temperature drops, a scenic drive in Banff is the perfect activity. The best scenic drives in Banff National Park are the Icefields Parkway or the Bow Valley Parkway.

Icefields Parkway in Winter - Scenic Drive in Banff.

Make a list of the stops along either drive, then enjoy the mountain scenery and hop out of the car for a picture as much or as little as you want!

On the Icefields Parkway snow tires are mandatory (either with a M+S or snowflake symbol) from November 1st to April 1st.

Guide Along App

Recommended App

This GPS activated Canadian Rockies Audio Driving Tour is the perfect companion to your Banff vacation. It’s both entertaining and educational and will greatly enhance any drive in Banff National Park.

Get GuideAlong

28. Visit the Best Banff Viewpoints

While there are plenty of spots to stop along the Icefields Parkway and the Bow Valley Parkway, there are plenty of other Banff Viewpoints to stop at throughout Banff National Park.

Banff Springs Hotel in Winter

In the winter, Morant’s Curve can be extra spectacular when the train goes by with the snowy mountains as a backdrop. The Surprise Corner Viewpoint and Hoodoos Viewpoint can be combined into an excellent winter hike. Cascade Ponds is well worth a stop, not only for the mountain views but also for the fun sledding.

29. Visit the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola

You don’t have to be a skier to get some of the best views (though it does help). Even in the winter you can enjoy the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola for some of the best views across the valley!

View from Lake Louise Ski Resort

If you visit the Lake Louise Sightseeing Gondola, there are no facilities at the top.

30. Improve Your Skills with Ski Lessons

Whether you’ve been skiing for years or just starting out, the instructors at the ski hills will help you improve your skills or show you new areas of the mountain. Another option is to set your kids up with some ski instruction while you get out for a few hours on your own.

Ski lessons at Mt Norquay in Banff in December

31. Night Skiing at Norquay

If you aren’t ready for the fun to end, plan for a night of skiing at Mt Norquay. Mt Norquay has runs that are lit for skiing and it’s the only night skiing you’ll find around.

Make sure to check the hours of operation before heading out.

32. Night Snowshoeing at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Experience the winter wonderland under the stars with a night snowshoe tour at the Lake Louise Ski Resort. The crisp night air and starry sky are bound to make this an incredible adventure. Make sure to dress extra warm for this experience.

33. Visit Banff Museums

If you’ve already been the Cave and Basin, another excellent Banff indoor activity on a chilly winter day is to visit the museums in Banff.

Learn more about Banff National Park and the animals that call it home at the Banff Park Museum. Learn more about the cultural history of the are at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum shares the history and traditions of the First Nations People, giving a visitors a glimpse into what life what like before European Settlers came to the Canadian Rockies.

34. Ride on Canada’s Only Heated Lift

Sunshine Village may not have night skiing or a tube park, but it does have Canada’s only heated chairlift.

35. Banff Mountain Film Festival

While not technically in winter, the Banff Film Festival occurs in November each year. If you happen to visit Banff in November, don’t miss the opportunity to take part. This is an annual presentation of films and documentaries focused on the environment and mountain culture.

36. Visit Canmore

After enjoying the bustling town of Banff, drive to another nearby mountain town. The town of Canmore is just outside the Banff Park Gates (only about 20 minutes from the town of Banff). While quieter than Banff, Canmore has it’s own vibe. You can spend some time walking down main street stopping at the various stores and art galleries, grab a hot chocolate with a view or enjoy a walk to the Engine Bridge.

Canmore Three Sisters Mountains in Winter

The walk along the Bow River in Canmore is quite beautiful which stunning mountain views. As I’ve mentioned throughout this post, Canmore is also home to many winter activities like hiking, fat biking, cross-country skiing and dog sledding.

Learn about Canmore’s history on this historical walking tour.

37. Ice Fishing

Interested in a truly Canadian experience? Give ice fishing a try! As a child, my dad used to take me out on the frozen lakes in winter to fish. I’m glad to see that ice fishing these days is much more comfortable in warm shelters then it was when I used to go!

Ice fishing in Kananaskis.

While you’ll need to go into Kananaskis for ice fishing, it will be worth the trip! Make sure you dress warmly for the day (including winter boots, snow pants, winter jacket, toque and mitts).

Ice fishing adventures can be booked with Fish On Adventures.

38. Spa Day

What’s better than a spa day after a week of winter activities! My favourite in the area is the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. Though it’s a bit of a drive from Banff, it’s well worth it with the series of hot, warm, and cold plunge pools, along with steam rooms, saunas, and relaxation areas, all set against the backdrop of the stunning natural beauty of the Kananaskis region.

39. Visit the Fairmont Banff Springs

If visiting Banff in December, get in the Christmas spirit at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel. With special events to help you celebrate the holiday season, you won’t want to leave. Holiday events include private photo sessions with Santa and bedtime stories with Mrs. Claus. Many of the activities are complimentary for hotel guests. Even if you just walk around the hotel to see the Christmas Decorations, you won’t be disappointed!

If you aren’t visiting in December, walking through this famous Banff hotel is still worth it! It has an interesting history and even a few ghost stories!

Banff Springs Hotel at Christmas.

Worried about the cost of a stay at the Banff Springs Hotel? Check our review of the most affordable room as well as our tips to find a good deal at the Banff Springs Hotel.

The “Eat the Castle” food experience is an excellent way to combine a food tour with learning about this historical hotel.

40. Star Gazing

There’s something really special about being outside at night in the winter time. On a clear night, you’ll be amazed by the stars you can see. The great thing about winter is that you don’t have to stay up very late to see those skies filled with stars, since the sun sets so early!

Join a Sunsets and Stars walking tour in Banff where a guide will take you on remote trails for the best views! Not up for walking? Here is a Banff / Canmore Private Stargazing Tour that doesn’t involve walking.

Banff Winter Weather

Banff winter temperatures can have a huge impact on your enjoyment if you aren’t prepared for it.

It’s easy enough to get some average Banff winter weather data online, which will tell you that the average high is -4 degrees Celsius and the average low is -14 degrees Celsius. What that won’t tell you is that the mountain weather is hugely unpredictable. It’s nearly impossible to give an accurate forecast of what the weather will be like in Banff in the winter.

When the Chinook winds blow, a warm wind that brings quick temperature changes, the temperature can climb above freezing. Snow starts to melt and it might even feel like spring for a day or two.

On the flip side, the temperatures can plummet to -30 deg Celsius for days. Add a wind chill factor to that and you’ll need to worry about skin freezing in seconds.

It’s also a very dry cold, so be prepared to use chapstick and hand lotion like you’ve never used before.

The best way to prepare for this is to dress in layers and be prepared for the weather to change. With the proper winter gear, you’ll be surprised at how warm you can be even at temperatures well below freezing.

Not sure how to properly dress in layers? This handy guide to dressing in layers is a great place to start.

How to Pack for Banff in Winter

Dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm and make sure to avoid getting wet. This includes removing layers to keep from getting too sweaty and protecting your feet from getting wet.

  • Your layers should include a wool or wool blend base layer to wick the moisture away from your body. The wonderful thing about wool is that is stays warm even when wet. Your mid-layer is a warmth layer which can be a down jacket or fleece. Finally, use a soft shell jacket as your third layer that’s waterproof and windproof.

    Shop for base layers
    Shop for mid-layers
    Shop for soft shell layers

  • For your feet, waterproof insulated hiking boots or insulated winter boots plus a good pair of wool socks. Gaiters are a great way to keep snow out of your boots and keep your feet dry.

    Shop for winter hiking boots
    Shop for gaiters

  • Don’t forget to pack a scarf or Buff, extra mitts, a toque, sunglasses and sunscreen.

  • Keep your fingers and toes toasty with hand and feet warmers. Winter activities are less fun if your hands and feet are freezing. We are big fans of the hand and foot warmers by Aurora Heat (save 10% using TRAVELBANFFCANADA at checkout), which are eco-friendly, sustainable and so much better than the single-use hand warmers.

Get our full list of Banff Winter Packing Essentials here.

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