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The Grotto Canyon ice walk is a very fun and unique thing to do in Kananaskis in winter. The transformation of the cute little Grotto Creek from summer to winter is quite amazing! In summer, Grotto Creek is a gentle mountain stream running through a beautiful canyon. Over the course of winter, this modest little creek becomes a large sheet of brilliant blue uphill ice.

If you are lucky enough to catch it at a time with large ice buildup and minimal snow cover, chances are good that the Grotto Canyon ice walk will be one of your favorite winter activities in Kananaskis.

Frozen waterfalls are one of the many things that make Grotto Canyon a fun thing to do with kids in winter in Kananaskis

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Grotto Canyon Icewalk Highlights

Ok… let’s talk about what’s NOT a highlight first… The first 0.8km of the Grotto Canyon Trail is quite possibly the worst section of hiking trail in Kananaskis. You walk along a power line near Highway 1A towards the big and loud Baymag magnesium oxide plant. Don’t worry about this short & easy leg of the Kananaskis winter hike – the Grotto Canyon ice walk is so fun that you’ll soon forget all about it.

The Baymag plant near Exshaw, Alberta

Once you pass the Baymag plant, it starts to feel like a real winter hike as you enter the forest for 0.5km short stretch.

Before long you’ll arrive at the mouth of Grotto Creek Canyon where you can sit on a park bench to put on your microspikes and enjoy amazing views of the Bow Valley mountains surrounding Canmore. If you look closely, you may even see people wild ice skating on nearby Gap Lake.

Enjoy views of Gap Lake, Mt. Lougheed, Wind Ridge and the Three Sisters from tis bench on the Grotto Canyon Trail in winter

The magic of this Kananaskis ice walk becomes immediately apparent as you enter Grotto Canyon. There’s a small waterfall at the mouth which is often frozen over which will be your introduction to ice walking.

Hiking Grotto Canyon in winter

Once in Grotto Canyon, depending on your luck with ice conditions, you’ll alternate walking between long sheets of slick canyon ice and packed down snow. Some years it feels like the entire width & length of the canyon is full of ice and others it’s mostly snow.

We recommend you go and enjoy Grotto Canyon either way as it’s always magical thing to do in Kananaskis in winter.

The Grotto Canyon icewalk is a popular family winter activity in Kananaskis

The 1.5km walk through Grotto Canyon to the frozen waterfalls is very beautiful in winter. In addition to the icy canyon floor, the canyon walls can get quite narrow and/or very high above.

This fun combination of winter elements will make you feel like quite the winter adventurer! The ice walk sections are an especially fun and memorable experience.

grotto canyon - canmore winter hikes

At the end of the Grotto Canyon ice walk, you’ll arrive at a towering frozen waterfall. The beauty of the icy blue color is hard to describe and must be seen in person. Get up close to the frozen waterfall to enjoy the details of the huge icicles and to listen to the sound of water still flowing underneath.

A girl on snowshoes walks under a frozen waterfall on the Grotto Canyon icewalk in Kananaskis County

It’s hard to resist grabbing and sucking on a crystal-clear icicle, but you’re not supposed to drink the water in summer (beaver fever anyone?), so try to resist the frozen variety in winter.

Beautiful icicles on a frozen waterfall on the Grotto Canyon winter hike near Canmore

Most people stop their ice walk on the Grotto Canyon Trail at the frozen waterfalls, but it actually continues to the left and right if you wish to extend your Kananaskis winter adventure:

To the right, you have the chance to walk up a narrow slot canyon, often fully covered by ice. If the conditions are right, it’s a reasonably steep sheet of rippled ice which is incredibly fun to walk up with the right traction device. (I was able to do it confidently in my microspikes, but my friend was unable to do it in his Yaktrax). There’s a smaller frozen waterfall at the terminus of this section.

A steep path of ice to the right of the Grotto Creek frozen waterfalls

To the left, the Grotto Canyon Trail continues for several kilometers. The trail extension is not official, nor maintained beyond the frozen waterfalls. This section of Grotto Canyon is much less popular, but if you are looking for a longer winter hike or snowshoe, this is a satisfying option.

The tightness of Grotto Canyon transitions into a wide valley which offers some really good mountain vistas. The snow can get quite deep on this section of Grotto Canyon trail, so we recommend snowshoes.

When to Ice Walk Grotto Canyon

As with most natural phenomenon, the best time to experience the Grotto Canyon ice walk depends on a lot of variables – including luck. For example, how early and quickly did the creek freeze in fall? How much snow has fallen recently? How many freeze/thaw cycles has there been this winter?

A beautiful icicle hangs off a frozen waterfall on Grotto Canyon Trail in winter

Although this may vary from year-to-year, we have found that hiking Grotto Canyon Trail in winter is better towards the end of winter.

For example, in December there isn’t typically much ice on the floor of Grotto Canyon. You can still enjoy an ice walk at Grotto Canyon during this time, but you may find that the trail alternates between patches of ice and rocky snow.

You may also find your boots break through the ice into the shallow stream below the ice. The Grotto Canyon waterfalls are frozen, but are much smaller in size than later in winter.

Snow covered rocks on the trail instead of ice on the Grotto Canyon hike in winter
Some snowy & rocky spots on the Grotto Canyon hike in December

By comparison, in March, you’ll typically find the ice coverage at Grotto Canyon much better. The canyon floor will likely be completely covered with brilliant blue ice. The frozen waterfalls at the end of the trail should also be very well formed.

The best time of year to hike the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk is typically later in the winter
The Grotto Canyon floor is often completely covered with ice in March

Avoid Recent Snowfall Events

The Grotto Canyon ice walk experience is best when you are walking on a brilliant blue layer of ice. If it has snowed heavily in Canmore or Kananaskis recently, you may wish to wait until the snow has had a chance to melt and turn into a fresh top-layer of ice.

If you aren’t sure about the Grotto Canyon trail conditions, you can always check out recent Instagram posts.

Grotto Canyon Pictographs

The Grotto Canyon ice walk isn’t just a super fun thing to do in Kananaskis in winter – you can also see a bit of Alberta history. As you near the Grotto Canyon waterfalls, look to the left to see some pictographs of humans and animals, thought to be drawn between 500-1,300 years ago by the Hopituh Shi-nu-mu people (“Hopi” for short).

How to find the pictographs in Grotto Canyon Kananaskis

One of Grotto Canyon pictographs is thought to be a flute player (also known as a “Kokopelli”). This symbol was only used by the Hopi people and has been described as their symbol of fertility and as a traveler. As Hopi clans explored new territory, they left paintings of the flute player along the way.

It took me years of hiking and ice walking Grotto Canyon before I finally found the pictographs. Probably because the pictographs are near the waterfall, which is beautifully distracting. But another reason is because the Grotto Canyon pictographs are faded and hard to see.

Where are the Grotto Canyon Pictographs?

The Grotto Canyon pictographs are very easy to miss. The location of the Grotto Canyon pictographs can be found as you near the end of the hiking trail heading towards the waterfall. The easiest way to find them is on the way back from the Grotto Canyon waterfall.

Walk away from the waterfall down the same hiking trail which got you there. The canyon will be straight for approximately 50-100m and then it will make an abrupt right-hand turn. As soon as you make the right hand turn, look down at the canyon wall on your right and you will see a smooth rock face with the Grotto Canyon pictographs on them.

Where are the Grotto Canyon pictographs?

Don’t touch the pictographs
Oil from human skin is very damaging to the pictographs. If you are lucky enough to spot them, please help preserve these treasures for future generations.

Grotto Canyon Trail Statistics

Aside from the slippery ice to contend with, Grotto Canyon is a very easy winter hike in Kananaskis.

How Long is the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk?

The round-trip distance of the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk trail is approximately 5.2km.

good signage means you won't need a grotto canyon hiking trail map

How Steep is the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk?

The first leg of the Grotto Canyon winter hike is slightly uphill, but is generally very flat. Once you reach the Grotto Canyon, you’ll be walking upstream in a mountain canyon, so the trail gets a little steeper, but it’s never too bad.

The entrance to the Grotto Canyon Trail is the steepest part of the entire Kananaskis winter hike

This portion is the ice walking portion of the Grotto Canyon Trail, so chances are you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice the uphill. We recorded the total elevation gain on the Grotto Canyon ice walk as 259m.

How Hard is the Grotto Canyon Icewalk?

The only thing that’s hard about the Grotto Canyon ice walk is managing the slippery ice surfaces. It’s a short and reasonably flat Kananaskis ice walk, so as long as you have the proper gear with you, almost everyone should be able to enjoy this unique Kananaskis winter activity. Keep reading for our gear recommendations.

The Grotto Canyon icewalk near Banff has a mild incline and is considered easy

How Long Does Grotto Canyon in Winter Take?

The length of time it will take a typical adult to complete the Grotto Canyon icewalk is around 60-75 minutes.

Grotto Canyon is a very popular thing to do in Kananaskis with kids in winter. Kids are slower hikers and will always want to stop and play on the ice. We recently hiked Grotto Canyon with our kids (aged 5 & 7) and we completed the ice walk in just over 2 hours.

Grotto Canyon Ice Walk Location

The Grotto Canyon ice walk is located between Canmore and Exshaw in a unique part of Bow Valley Provincial Park in Kananaskis, making it an ideal outing for anyone visiting Canmore in winter.

You’ll find the Grotto Canyon ice walk trailhead at the parking lot near Grotto Mountain Pond.

If the Grotto Canyon parking lot is full, another fun trail is just 5 minutes down the highway. The kid-friendly Jura Creek winter hike features two slot canyons and often has sections of ice walking.

Grotto Creek Trail is where you will find the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk

What’s interesting about the Grotto Canyon Trail is that the Bow Valley Provincial Park includes all the areas south of Highway 1A, but north of the highway the only area in the provincial park is the land around Grotto Mountain Pond and the full length of the Grotto Canyon Trail. All the mountainous land just outside the Grotto Canyon trail is not included in the Bow Valley Provincial Park.

Grotto Canyon Ice Walk Map

The Grotto Canyon Trail is well-signed and really easy to follow; once you find the trailhead (in the middle of the Grotto Pond parking lot) simply follow the signs all the way to Grotto Canyon.

Great trail signage means you won't need a grotto canyon hiking trail map

We used the AllTrails app while on the Grotto Canyon ice walk, but to be honest, we didn’t need it for navigation purposes. We use AllTrails for all our adventures in the Canadian Rockies and hiking with kids around the world. In addition to helping stay on the trails, we like the ability to track our stats (distance, elevation gain, etc.).

To find the Grotto Canyon ice walk map in AllTrails, simply search for “Grotto Canyon Trail”. You are close enough to Exshaw that you should get intermittent cell service on the ice walk, but just to be safe, download your hiking maps prior to leaving.

A recent App of the Year winner, AllTrails is also one of the best apps for visiting Banff! Enjoy map downloads and many more premium features with a 7-day free trial of AllTrails+!

The Grotto Canyon ice walk is one of the best things to do with kids near Calgary in winter

Best Traction Device for the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk

This is kind of obvious, but your biggest risk on the Grotto Canyon ice walk is slipping on the ice. Having good quality traction on your winter boots is essential. Winter hikers to Grotto Canyon have several options for traction devices:

1. Traction devices we do not recommend for the Grotto Canyon icewalk:

Yaktrax Traction Device: Yaktrax are a popular multi-purpose traction device used around Banff for winter walking or running. They are popular as they are very comfortable for walking on winter hikes or snow-covered walking trails in Canmore or Banff. The lack of spikes makes them comfortable to walk on, but not great for ice walking.

I recently hiked Grotto Canyon in winter with a good friend who was wearing Yaktrax. He was able to make it to the frozen waterfall, but he had much more trouble with his footing on the ice than I did.

Steel Button Traction Devices: Our first ever purchase of winter traction devices was a steel button contraption (similar to these ones) we found at Costco. They were effectively useless on ice, so we threw them away and never tried this style of traction device again. This was quite a while ago, so perhaps technology has improved, but I just don’t see them being effective for traction on the Grotto Canyon ice walk.

A path of frozen ice at Grotto Canyon, Alberta

2. Decent Traction Devices for Grotto Canyon Ice Walk

Snowshoes: Grotto Canyon is such a popular thing to do in Kananaskis in winter that the snow is almost always hard packed from foot traffic. Therefore, you will not need snowshoes in the traditional sense to manage deep snow, but you can use the crampons on your snowshoes to manage the slippery uphill ice in Grotto Canyon.

A small boy wearing snowshoes hams it up while hiking the Grotto Canyon Trail in winter

Snowshoes are not your best option for traction at Grotto Canyon in winter, but if you already own a pair and don’t wish to drop more cash on micro spikes, then feel free to use them – just step carefully and use your crampons strategically.

Snowshoes are also an effective option for enjoying the Grotto Canyon ice walk with kids. It’s hard to find decent traction devices for kids, so snowshoes are a good alternative. As a bonus, you can enjoy using them on these easy Kananaskis snowshoe trails.

Shop for snowshoes

3. Best Traction Device for the Grotto Canyon Ice Walk

Kahtoola MICROspikes: Take a look at the steel spikes on the bottom of the Kahtoola MICROspikes and you’ll see why we love these traction devices so much. They are a scaled-down recreational version of the crampons you’ll see on mountain expeditions.

micro spikes are better than yaktrax for a Kananakis ice walk

We’ve owned Kahtoola MICROspikes for many years and are very happy with their effectiveness and sturdy construction. We often use them in place of snowshoes while enjoying popular winter hikes around Banff. Specific to ice walking at Grotto Canyon, we are very confident walking on slick uphill ice while using them.

If you are looking for good quality traction devices to use for a variety of winter activities around Banff and Kananaskis, we highly recommend Kahtoola MICROspikes.

Another fun winter trail to enjoy your MICROspikes is the Green Monster winter hike. This fun Kananaskis winter hike features 8 frozen waterfalls!

Traction Devices for Kids

There are traction devices for kids too. Kahtoola doesn’t make microspikes for kids, but you can often find smaller versions by other manufacturers. Our kids have High Stream Gear Ice Cleats for Kids, but these are often sold out on Amazon. There are other traction devices for kids – just watch the sizes carefully as many of these products are for bigger kids.

4. Trekking Poles

No matter which traction device you use for your feet, you should consider using trekking poles to help your balance. We’ve tried trekking poles and to be honest, we don’t like them nor use them, but we seem to be in the minority. Trekking poles are widely used around Banff and Kananaskis in winter.

It makes sense… winter hiking on snow or ice in the mountains is often very slippery and trekking poles add two more points of contact with the ground, thus greatly reducing your odds of slipping.

Shop for trekking poles

If possible, wear waterproof or water-resistant winter boots on the Grotto Canyon ice walk. It’s common for the water in Grotto Creek to continue running under the ice all winter long. The ice can get quite thin in spots and your feet can break through and your feet will get wet (although it’s rarely very deep).

Regardless of what you wear on your feet, be cautious of thin spots in the ice. You’ll be glad your boots are waterproof if you are unlucky enough to break through the upper layer of canyon ice.

Wear waterproof boots on the Grotto Canyon icewalk in case your feet go through the ice into the running water below

Also, keep in mind that you will be hiking in a narrow canyon in the middle of winter. This means the walls of Grotto Canyon will block the sun, making it feel colder than the forecasted temperature.

Making temperature matters worse, the canyon walls tend to form a wind tunnel so you’ll have some wind chill to contend with as well. We recommend dressing in layers and having a good daybag to store unused layers in.

The shade and wind found on the Grotto Canyon hike in winter make it feel colder than forecasted - dress in layers

Grotto Canyon Icewalk Safety

Taking care of your foot traction on ice isn’t your only safety concern at Grotto Canyon in winter.

  • No matter what activity you do in Kananaskis in winter, it’s always a good idea to check the trail report before you go to check for any area closures, dangerous animals in area, etc. Please check the Grotto Creek Canyon trail report by Alberta Parks before you head out.

  • If there is ice on Grotto Canyon Creek, then bears should be hibernating. But that’s not a reason to let your guard down as wolves, cougars, elk, etc. still provide a safety risk to Kananaskis visitors. Take a few minutes and read “Living with Wildlife” by Alberta Parks.

  • This Kananaskis ice walk follows a narrow canyon nestled in-between Grotto Mountain and Gap Mountain. Any time you venture towards the base of a mountain in winter, you need to assess the avalanche risk. is an excellent resource for assessing your Kananaskis avalanche risk.
With proper traction devices, Grotto Canyon Trail is an easy winter hike in Kananakis

Ice Walk Grotto Canyon Trail with Kids

Hiking the Grotto Canyon ice walk with kids is a super-fun thing to do in Kananaskis in winter. The novelty of walking on slippery ice uphill though a beautiful mountain canyon will be a thrill for kids of all ages. The Grotto Canyon trail is short and flat enough that most kids should be able to complete it without issue, as long as everyone has the proper traction gear.

A toddler slides down the icy river while on the ice walk beneath Grotto Mountain near Canmore, Alberta

We’ve done this fun Kananaskis ice walk with our kids several times and they love it. The first time we enjoyed the Grotto Canyon ice walk with our kids they were 2 & 4. They do not make traction devices for very small kids, so we alternated between carrying our kids backpack carriers and simply holding their hands tightly.

A family with a toddler and preschooler stand in front of a frozen waterfall on the Grotto Canyon ice walk near Banff, Canada

Once your kids are old enough to walk confidently in snowshoes, they can snowshoe on the ice at Grotto Canyon. Snowshoes have a set of crampons on the bottom which should provide enough traction for your kids to navigate the uphill ice walk through Grotto Canyon.

kids can use snowshoes on the ice walk at grotto canyon trail

Before going on the Grotto Canyon ice walk with kids, be sure to have a plan for your foot traction. For the adults, it’s very important to have excellent traction with the ability to move quickly in case you need to go help a little one who slipped. We personally use and highly recommend Kahtoola MicroSpikes.

Small kids can wear snowshoes, or if they are big enough, they can wear children’s microspikes. If you opt for kid’s snowshoes, look for a pair with good quality front and back crampons.

There are traction devices for kids too. Kahtoola doesn’t make microspikes for kids, but you can often find smaller versions by other manufacturers. Our kids have High Stream Gear Ice Cleats for Kids, but these are often sold out on Amazon. There are other traction devices for kids – just watch the sizes carefully as many of these products are for bigger kids.

A girl holds a huge icicle at the frozen waterfall near the end of the Grotto Canyon Icewalk in Kananaskis, Alberta

Looking for more kid-friendly activities in Kananaskis? The Heart Creek Trail is another nearby fun winter activity for kids.

Where to Stop for Lunch or a Break

There are two spots along the Grotto Canyon Trail which are ideal for a short break.

For those who enjoy Rocky Mountain scenery, the ideal spot will be to sit on the bench just before the trail makes a sharp right into Grotto Canyon. From here, you’ll enjoy views of many beautiful Bow Valley mountains, such as Wind Ridge, the Three Sisters and beyond.

For most, the best spot to stop and enjoy a break is at the foot of the frozen waterfall found at the end of the Grotto Canyon ice walk. This is a popular spot to stop, but thankfully there is a surprising amount of space to spread out, plop down on your winter picnic blanket and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Grotto Canyon in winter.

Grotto Canyon Trail is a fun kids activity in Kananaskis in winter

Grotto Canyon Ice Walk Logistics

  • On-leash dogs are allowed on the Grotto Canyon ice walk trail.

  • The Grotto Canyon parking lot serves the Grotto Canyon Trail and the Grotto Pond day use area. It’s a medium sized parking lot, but these are two popular things to do in Kananaskis, so the lot can fill quickly especially on weekends. Be aware, there is a warning sign here regarding vehicle break-ins. Bring your valuables with you or better yet, leave them at home.

  • There are toilets at the end of the Grotto Canyon parking lot.

  • There are many picnic tables around Grotto Pond.

  • There are no drinking water facilities at Grotto Canyon, so top up your refillable water bottles before you leave home.
The side trail to the right of the frozen waterfalls on Grotto Canyon Trail in winter is steep, so do not attempt unless you have excellent traction devices on your feet

Grotto Canyon Icewalk Tour

By this point, you’ve read all the info you need to enjoy the Grotto Canyon ice walk. If, like many people, you don’t have the proper winter hiking gear, transportation, etc. then check out this Grotto Canyon Ice Walk tour by Discover Banff Tours.

This popular Kananaskis icewalk tour includes all the winter hiking gear you need as well as hotel pick-up and drop-off. As a bonus, unlike me, they know where to find the petroglyphs!

The Grotto Canyon ice walk is one of the best things to do in winter near Banff National Park

Whether you enjoy the Grotto Canyon ice walk on your own or on a guided tour, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

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